Join December 1st Call-In Against Discrimination at Virginia College in Huntsville

Please join us in our “call in” protest against Virginia College in Huntsville. For several years, Virginia College has been discriminating against their black employees. In the last year several blacks in the admissions department were harassed and discriminated against. Two were terminated for performance, where white employees that were performing worse are still employed. Two resigned and one filed a lawsuit against Virginia College and presently still employed there. Racism was not just limited to the Admission’s Department, in Career Services there was also a termination. The majority of the black employees are in fear of losing their jobs if they speak up against the treatment they are receiving at Virginia College.

Please help us take a stand by calling in to Virginia College on Thursday, 12/1/11, to ask management if they Discriminate against their black employees.

Huntsville Campus –Jim Foster-256-533-7387

Corporate Office – Tom Moore 205-802-1200

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