Chicago and other Radio Should feature The legendary group THE IMPRESSIONS Christmas CD "I'm Coming Home For Christmas !!


"I'm Coming Home For Christmas"

The legendary R&B group THE IMPRESSIONS built their career in Chicago and their music and their participation were an intergral part of The Chicago and Civil Rights Movement and yet while radio stations across the country were giving rave reviews and playing the new reunion Christmas CD of The Impressions, they did not get what I expected from Chicago radio and media. ANYONE WHO LISTENS TO THEIR CHRISTMAS SONG "I'm Coming Home For Christmas" would know that this song should fit into ANY Chicago radio station's format as they are now featuring Christmas music, and I hope this year that Chicago radio and media will treat THE IMPRESSIONS better, and can start by immediately adding to their Christmas music playlists their new Christmas hit "I'm Coming Home For Christmas." We should not have to beg Chicago radio and media on how to treat the reunion CD of a legendary R&B group "THE IMPRESSIONS" as deep as their roots are with Chicago.

Mark S. Allen
Local Consultant 773-392-0165

Reginald Torian, member of The Impressions 708-299-1150


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NEW CHRISTMAS CD! "I'M COMING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS" First new recording in 25 Years!!!

Chicago Contact: Mark S. Allen @773-392-0165

Reginald Torian, member of The Impressions 708-299-1150

10.16.09 | REVIEW - I'm Coming Home For Christmas (

Impressions - I'm Coming Home For Christmas - Mega Force
The long awaited new album from the Impressions issued in plenty of time for the 2009 yuletide festivities. These are the first new recordings issued by the Impressions since 1993 and the return of their lead singer Reggie Torian (member who replaced Curtis Mayfield) after an absence of 25 years and as you will hear it's great to have him back. A superb new version of their hit 'Amen' begins this yuletide feast. Reggie, Fred & Sam are backed by John P Kee and the New Life Singers on some of these cuts. The title track 'I'm Coming Home For Christmas' written for them by Geoff Smith bass guitarist/ engineer at Studio East where this fine album was recorded and this song should rise to become a big hit and remain one of the future season annuals. The traditional songs 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen', ''Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas', 'White Christmas' and 'Winter Wonderland' are all given a contemporary flavour by the Impressions (who all take their turn on lead vocals), the instrumentation and the great production values of Tim Eaton and Fred Cash.

Every one of the fifteen tracks has a yuletide aspect that will appeal to different family members. It was actually cut a couple of years back for their own ReBirth Music label and just missed last Christmas release. It has been re-sequenced since then and is that bit better for it. The Impressions have legions of fans worldwide who should get the message in time for Christmas to buy this great album for themselves and as stocking fillers for their friends. It is the absolute best Christmas album for many a year! - And one less present to have to find. They are after all the best vocal group on planet earth. This is all the music you will need this Christmas and for quite a few to come.
Peter Burns

Mark S. Allen
Local Consultant 773-392-0165

Reginald Torian, member of The Impressions 708-299-1150

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NEW RELEASE - Impressions - I'm Coming Home for Christmas

"I listened to the album, I'm Coming Home for Christmas and of course it is excellent. We would expect nothing less from the Impressions ..."--Bob Davis

For more info, check it out here: NEW RELEASE - Impressions - I'm Coming Home for Christmas

Welcome To The Soul-Patrol Newsletter

How About Giving Some "BROWN EYED SOUL" A Litlle Consideration? (Impressions - I'm Coming Home for Christmas)

A few weeks ago we did a rather critical and detailed review of the new album by Rod Stewart called "SoulBook." Some of you all wrote back to me and while you agreed with the overall review, you asked me what I would reccomend as an alternative for the holiday gift giving season.

As luck would have it I got a telephone call from Fred Cash, one of the founding members of the Impressions, about a week ago. I had met Fred several years ago at the Vocal Group Hall of Fame ceremonies in Wildwood, NJ and of course his son often performs with our own Martha Redbone. He told me that the Impressions had just released their very first Christmas album called "I'm Coming Home for Christmas." Fred wanted me to check it out for a possible feature on Soul-Patrol.

I listened to the album and of course it is excellent. We would expect nothing less from the Impressions.

The release of "I'm Coming Home for Christmas." is also quite ironic, coming right on the heels of the Rod Stewart release (remember he is probably most famous for his cover of "People Get Ready") and also the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame concert running currently on HBO which prominently features the song "People Get Ready," but strangely enough fails to feature the Impressions.

Scroll down to read a press release about the Impressions new album entitled; "I'm Coming Home For Christmas," as well as a detailed album review from yours truly.

Let's give some "brown eyed soul" a chance....

Thanks in advance...Check this stuff out and let us know what cha think?

--Bob Davis

PRESS RELEASE: The Impressions 2009

"The Impressions, who are world-reowned performers and a legendary vocal group, have solld over 60 million records throughout their many years of performing around the world. They have toured with many other legendary artists such as the great Eric Clapton as well as having the pleasure of recording an album with him which is called "Reptile".

The impressons are also thrilled to have had the opportunity to have played at Camage Hall in New York with artists such as; Elton John, Sting, James Taylor, Tom Jones, Ricky Martin, Gladys Knight and Stevie Wonder. At the end of that particular show, all of the artists came on stage to join in with The Impressions in singing their hit song, Amen

The Impressions were inducted into The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 1991 and also into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2003. The Impressions were also honored by being inducted int the Rhythm and Blues Foundation and recieving the prestigious Pioneer Award amond others too many to list.

The Impressions are proud of the music that they have recorded over the years including their hit songs like; Keep On Pushing, Were A Winner, Choice of Color, This Is My Country, Mighty Mighty Spade and Whitey, and the great People Get Ready. These songs have played a big part in the civil rights movement. The Impressions were also proud to have been part of the move Three The Hard Way. They also performed the title soundtrack to the movie startring the great NFL players Jim Brown and Fred Williason. The Impressions also had a feature part in the movie thanks to their good friend Jim Brown.

In closing, The Impressions have been Musca ambassadors and advocates for love, peace and justice for all people. Fred Cash and Sam Gooden consider it an honor that the songs they have recorded along with Curtis Mayfield have had such an impact on the world. the Imp;ressions, which now consists of Fred Cash, Sam Gooden and Reginald Torian are still sccessful and performing over 100 concerts every year and still selling out venues all over the world. They will Keep On Pushing.

ALBUM REVIEW: I'm Coming Home for Christmas

Each year it seems that there is a whole lotta new Christmas music that is released. As a person who is at least peripherally involved in the music business, I can understand why that is.

Simply put, it is a way for artists & labels to put "new product" into the marketplace very easily. And if that "new product" can somehow catch on with the public, you will have quite literally created for yourself "a gift that keeps on giving," because it creates a yearly revenue stream that can last forever.

However as a music consumer, the perspective is quite different. There isn't a single time in my life that I can recall thinking to myself "I have a compelling need to hear some new Christmas music because the Christmas music that I already have isn't enough for me."

Enter the Impressions (including original members Fred Cash & Sam Gooden) , with their VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS ALBUM....

The first thing I think to myself is; "wow the Impressions." They are certainly one of the legendary "brands" in Black music and almost require no explanation. The music of the Impressions is quite literally the "Soundtrack of the Civil Rights Movement." Everyone knows their music regardless of age, race, religion, nationality, political affiliation, etc. The Impressions also play a key role in the history of Black music for being the launching pad of the solo careers of legendary artists like Jerry Butler and Curtis Mayfield.

--Their music is sensual, without being sexual: "Gypsy Woman"
--Their music is spiritual, without being religious: "Amen"
--Their music is political, without being partisan: "We're A Winner"
--Their music is pro black, without being anti white: "Choice of Colors"

As soon as I place the album into my CD player and the first song (I'm Coming Home (For Christmas) starts playing, I get a nice warm feeling inside. As you can see most of the songs are the traditional Christmas songs that we all know and love so well. Some of the songs have a "jazz arrangement," some have a "gospel arrangement" and some have a "classic soul arrangement." Regardless of the arrangement of the individual songs, at the heart of the matter is the vocal group harmony of the Impressions themselves that we have come to know and love over the years.

Bottom line is that the album I'm Coming Home for Christmas, by the Impressions, is quite literally "comfort food for your ears." I highly recommend it.

Today as we are facing multiple wars, widespread unemployment, global warming, widespread corporate/governmental corruption, and more. In 2009 we live in a society that is simultaneously in denial about just how bad things are and increasingly dealing with reality of just how bad things are.

This is a good time for the Impressions to return to the scene. We need their message of hope and potential just as much today as we needed it during the 1960's. The fact that it takes the form of a Christmas album, is perhaps ironic, but if you think about it for a moment, perhaps that is the only way that our advanced and troubled society is even capable of receiving that message in 2009?

TRACK LISTING: Impressions - I'm Coming Home for Christmas

1. I'm Coming Home (For Christmas)
2. Winter Wonderland
3. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
4. This Christmas
5. The Christmas Song
6. Christmas Just Ain't Christmas
7. White Christmas
8. Deck The Halls
9. Mary, Did You Know
10. Amen
11. Please Come Home For Christmas 12. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
13. Got Tell It On The Mountain
14. Sweet Little Jesus Boy
15. Fred's Lullaby (Silent Night)

Pick up on it via at the following link: Impressions - I'm Coming Home for Christmas

--Bob Davis

--Bob Davis

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