National Black Wall Street USA Leaders Offer Public Support For National Action Network's New Tulsa Oklahoma Chapter In Original Black Wall Street District

As we celebrate this 90th year anniversary of the Tulsa race riots May 31-June 1 of 1921, Rev. Michael Carter, National Chairman of National Black Wall Street USA today offered his organizations national support to Rev. Al Sharpton and The National Action Network on the welcoming their newest chapter, The Tulsa, OK Chapter which has been founded under the leadership of Bishop Harold W. Jones Sr in the home city of the original Black Wall Street District of Tulsa, where a little over 35 city blocks was the self contained, Black owned and operated cultural, business, and jobs district until it was destroyed in a race riot in 1921.

Rev. Carter, through one of his national spokespersons Mark S. Allen also invited the Tulsa Oklahoma chapter to be a featured part of the upcoming National Black Wall Street USA Economic and Political Convention in Gary Indiana October 21-23, the site of the first historic Black political convention of 1971. Mark Allen stated that "as a personal friend and ally of Rev. Sharpton's for over 20 years, I am pleased to see the new Tulsa Chapter and to offer my personal and organizing support, for we are united in the Black empowerment movement and example for our people today for what our people did as a model in Tulsa."

Rev. Carter stated that the 27 national chapters of The National Black Wall Street USA must do all it can to help with the national awareness and support for The National Action Network Tulsa chapters first major organizing issue in locating the funding to save and sustain The Greenwood Cultural Center which is the last surviving facility from the 1921 race riots, and is struggling to stay open after budget cuts in prior state funding.

The National Action Network Tulsa chapter has started off 300 members strong. Their meetings are held every first and third Monday at 7PM at Full Gospel Outreach, 1609 N. Evanston Place, Tulsa, OK 74110.

The next meeting is scheduled for July 20th at 7:00PM; President Bishop Harold W Jones Sr., can be reached @ (918)230-9340. His email is: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or contact Minister Tony Knuals @ (918)378-1725.

The chapter is putting together a protest against the city of Tulsa to help keep Greenwood Cultural Center opened. This is the only facility the community has left since the 1921 Race riot (Black Wall street); 5000 citizens will be marching.

Supporters of The National Black Wall Street USA in the area will certainly be joining the National Action Network Tulsa chapter with their efforts to sustain this historical facility and help organize even more national support at the National Black Wall Street USA National COnvention October 21-23 in Gary Indiana. (

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