Chicago Protest July 5 Against State Cutting Funeral Payments To The Poor

Media Contact Rev. Roosevelt Watkins at 773-717-2444
Tuesday July 5th @ 12 noon @ Thompson Center, we will have a rally and press conference to fight for the poor. Illinois will no longer fund funerals & burials for public aid recipients. That is unacceptable in our State. Let's fight for what is right.

Illinois Cuts Funeral Payments to the Poor-YourFuneralGuy.

Illinois cut Funeral Payments to the poor by 100%

6.18.09 In perhaps one of their the most disrespectful acts ever the State of Illinois has cut funeral benefits to the poor by 100%.

These are medicaid payments in Illinois for funerals and burials.

The numbers are 10,000 folks a year at the cost, of 15 million. Will Funeral home owners and cemetery owners provide services to the poor for free? Doubt it . Will bodies pile up in hospital and local morgues.Probably.

According to the State Journal Register in Springfield, IL.

“The state Department of Human Services has notified funeral directors and cemetery owners that the state will no longer pay to bury the indigent, of which there is no shortage. Each year, the department says, it pays to bury about 10,000 people at a cost of $15 million.

But no more, thanks to budget cuts.”

If funeral directors pay for funerals to the poor, funeral costs will rise because funeral directors will need to keep their profit margins.

This is indeed a sad situation for funeral directors, the poor and funeral directors in the State of Illinois.

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