The Abandonment Of Ronald Holt To Remain Director Of Chicago's CAPS Program

Rev. Al Sharpton called Mark Allen "One of Chicago's legendary political activists"

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Mark S. Allen,

No press conferences, no press statements, no rallies, no talk show segments, no editorials of mainstream or Black media, no religious leaders, no civic leaders, no elected officials, no advocacy, just NO PUBLIC MOVEMENT AT ALL to advocate that Mayor Rahm Emanuel and new Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy retain Ronald Holt as the Director of the CAPS Program!
Since his appointment as new Police Superintendent for Chicago, Garry McCarthy has been on an aggressive public relations campaign talking about his priorities which include community policing but he has never mentioned the name of Ronald Holt. At his City Council Committee confirmation hearing, McCarthy would not answer questions during the hearing or after the hearing with regard to his position on Ronald Holt. Only Alderman Willie Cochran provided the lone voice of public support for Ronald Holt after the public testimony of Wallace "Gator" Bradley and myself who specifically McCarthy for his public position on Ronald Holt's position.  For all the reasons that we all know, there is no one more uniquely qualified to continue the strong community support that CAPS needs than the symbolism and leadership of Ronald Holt.
A decision by the Mayor and McCarthy will be coming soon, and the retention of Ronald Holt deserves better than this current silence by our collective leadership and media.

Ronald Holt Should Be Retained As CAPS Director by Mayor Emanuel and New Chicago Police Chief-Designee Garry McCarthy

Veteran Activist Call for Retention of Ronald Holt as CAPS Director


After the popular selection of Al Wysinger as 1st Deputy of The Chicago Police Department Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and new Chicago Police Supertintendent-designee Garry McCarthy should now make a public commitment to retain Ronald Holt as the Director of The CAPS program.  Even with limited resources after being appointed by former Mayor Richard M. Daley, Ronald Holt has been able to successfully build the right kind rapport with the local community in getting people involved in the CAPS program and he should retained and given some additional resources to sustain and increase many of the successful crime intervention and precvention efforts of CAPS.

One of the things that Ronald Holt did not need any funds to do was to help promote who he is and why he is uniquely qualified to lead the CAPS. The world knows and always remonds us when refering to ROnald Holt just why the people have come to know him and love him for the tragedy he went through with the tragic killing of his teenaged son Blair Holt who died during an intervention ahere he died ussing his own body to shield gun shots that could have killed a girlfriend on a CTA bus. And Ronald Holt, along with Annette Holt have more than committed their lives to directing their lives to ongoing crime intervention and prevention efforts drirectly from within our urban communities. Few people in this CAPS position come with the rapport posessed by Ronald Holt and that is why Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Chief-designee Garry McCarthy should publicly support Holts retention as Director of CAPS.

Today, I am posting this public blog, along with copies to hundreds of our local religious, civic, community, media, and poltical leaders in hopes that they agree that as Garry McCarthy faces his confirmation hearing on this upcoming Monday June 6th, that in addition to touting his selection of Al Wysinger as 1st Deputy that he could gain even further support from the urban community in particular and the Black community specifically, that Ronald Holt will be retained as CAPS Director There is no one more uniquely qualified that Ronald Holt to continue and be futher supported as the Director of CAPS.

As a veteran activists who has worked years at the grassroots level, I am more than happy to lend my leadership to this important issue on the kind of leadership it tajes to keep the comunity comunity connected to CAPS and that today would be best under the continued leadership of Ronald Holt. He has earned our trust, respect, and support.



From June 9, 2010

Mark Allen says that Ronald Holt received a "symbolic" appointment as new CAPS head and must overcome how Daley & Weis' decisions set him up for failure

    MARK ALLEN TALKS -- Ronald Holt Must Overcome Chicago Mayor Daley's "Symbolic" Appointment as new Director of Chicago's community policing program


    I called Ronald Holt and congratulated him on accepting the appointment by Chicago Mayor Richard Daley as the new Director of the C.A.P.S. (Community Alternative Policing Strategies) program, and how he was going to need tremendous support to overcome the decisions of Mayor Daley and Chicago Police Chief Jody Weis have made that currently makes Holt's position one that is currently founded in "symbolism" versus one of substance.


    Despite crime being down under the tenures of Former Police Chief Cline and Starks, the things that made the community partnerships with CAPS then so strong were seriously and negatively impacted by the decisions of Daley and Weis and the high profile name of Ronald Holt is supposed to remedy those decisions and rebuild thre former success and strength of the CAPS program.


    Ronald Holt has worked so close with the community in the streets and has seen first hand that the tensions in the streets and police have grown so distant to the point where they don't fear direct confrontations with the polcie themselves and proved recently with the attempted robbery and murder of Chicago Police Officer Thomas Wortham IV; Holt has seen where a lot of good parents in the community have allowed the desperate economic conditions have drawn them and many of the children into the gang, drug, and other illegal street economies trying to make ends meet for them and their families; and Holt has seen first hand how their just are not enough "hands-on" resources coming out of CAPS like it was years ago, and surely knows that its going to take more than just words and good intentions to rebuild CAPS.


    With Holt's knowledge of these realities, he has to know just how much of an infusion of renewed community relationships, partnerships, attitudes, and resources from public and private resources it's going to take for him to be successful in his role as the new CAPS Director, and the community and media must report properly on the reality of what Holt is going to face so that later he cannot be accused later of not being able to use his high profile status to overcome the negative insurmountable odds and environment that the past decisions of Daley and Weis have left Holt to start with in his new position.


    And for Holt, can he maintain the active working relationships with current Mayoral and Police critics people like myself, Phillip Jackson of The Black Star Project and Peace In The Hood, Wallace "Gator" Bradley and other community leaders and activists who still keep connections with various street organizations who used to trust in the leadership and rapport with former Police Chief Dana Starks and former CAPS leaders and with those relationships CRIME WAS DOWN.


     It will be a challenge to rebuilding needed community and street relationships as to whether many of those street alliances that has worked with Holt with his private crime intervention initiatives will be welcome into the new outreach of the CAPS proceses. A lot of us have seen and know why CAPS had better relationships, what had forced people away, and what Holt will need in rebuilding those and new relationships for CAPS success and growth foir the serious challenges ahead of Holt.


    I can already attest to the difference in CAPS new leadership in that I have had in that I have already had two extensive conversations with the new CAPS Director in 48 hours of his appointment for dialogue that I can ever recall having with the former CAPS director. But again, the initial conversations I have had with Ronald will not be able to be of substance if he is handicapped by the environment left by the former negative staffing and program budget cuts of Mayor Daley and the hierchy of police personel staffing of Chicago Police Chief Jody Weis. Ronald Holt and all the promise his appointments can represents deserves the proper support to succeed and become more than a ":symbolic" appointment.


    Mark S. Allen

    Associate Editor of The South Street Journal Newspaper; Board member of The Chicago Gospel Music Heritage Museum; Founder/President of The Black Leadership Development Institute, BLDI, and Board member of The Black Wall Street-Chicago Project. 449 East 35th Street, 1st Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60616 (312) 624-8351 or (773) 392-0165

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