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IMB Corporation just celebrated 100 years as one of the leading brands in America's history. The late rapper Tupac Shakur, my favorite equal to Jay - Z, just celebrated his 40th birthday yesterday. Keep Ya Head Up, a song penned by Shakur is my number 1 hip hop song, and he actually has three tracks in my top ten.

TRUTH B TOLD, my love for his music and his bold and refreshing delivery, laced with his confused and intellectual mind should be studied. Because most brilliant and visionary individuals, dead or alive all share some of the same characteristic. And like Andy Warhol or Picasso, Tupac music will live 100 years.

  • A great dude and wonderful father and husband, Khalid Scott, has been asked to be a guest on WVON 1690 AM tonight at 7pm, joining The Kendall Moore Show, to address Mr. Scott's favorite topic, RELATIONSHIPS.

TRUTH BE TOLD, the invite came after he wrote an article for DUNAMIS Woman magazine entitled The State of Today's Black Men, and Our Black Women: The Enemy? ( Please tune in and call in, 773-591-1690. Out of state listeners, 877-591-1690 or 866-591-1690.

  • The Vancouver flash mob created one of the most destructive and damaging scenes in recent memory. One business owner estimated damages will range in excess of one million dollars. My only thing in looking at this mayhem, is are the authorities, regular citizens and mainstream media going to call for law enforcement to began profiling these hundreds of young people who embarrassed a city and brought shame to one of America's most celebrated sporting events?

TRUTH BE TOLD, popular radio personality Matt, what are going to say now, are you going to go hard on these suburbanites in Vancouver like you go hard on your urban dwellers? I'll be listening as usual to your wonderful program to see how you frame this. Holla back, but only after you prove you got shakers :o))

  • I never comment on stupid stuff like Congressman Anthony Weiner, it's dumb and he and his family has to deal with that mess, it does not effect my life what so ever.

So TRUTH BE TOLD, how can his associates within the walls of Congress say they can't carry on with the people's business as long as this distraction is front and center. What does this have to do with them solving the problems of America behind closed doors? That's like a married person saying I can't come to work and perform my duties because my husband left me and I'm sad. No boss wants to here that, and your colleagues and customers will be like, we feel for you, but get over it and join the lot of us.

300 and Counting (Part 2)

Yesterday I got an incredible call from some young leaders in the community, who reached out to give me a few words of encouragement. When Brandon, one of the callers indicated his group loves the news service and it's one of the few things on-line or within their cell phones that they look forward to reading every day, I was choked up. They say they love my language, it's like we're chilling together talking real talk.

That's why I created this medium to communicate primarily to that demographic of young hustlers trying to find their way in this amazing and chaotic life. I love calls, text or emails like those and I also appreciate when people hit me up and express displeasures. But what I dislike is when regular readers decide they want to be vocal and email or call me about a misspelled word or grammatical errors, which is cool to hear about. But never has these select people ever reached out to say that they read something that was dope or awesome, and to say thanks or whatever.

I'm not looking for any of it, but when I know by my tracking system that you peeping the news service, so it got to be something that moves your cheese, why else would you be checking the data daily. So FYI, the one thing I ask from loyal readers, just come all the way real and be straight up, but definitely read the next 300! Peace and one love.

NOTE: Below is a few memorable moments in pictures during the last 300 issues of Thanks again for sharing this journey with me, and may we continue to Seek The TRUTH, Know The TRUTH and Read The TRUTH!

Carl with entrepreneur instructure Big Stew and NAFTE rep awarding young teens competing in entrepreneur competition

CW, good friend and attorney Andre Grant holding it down

Carl West at Real Men Cook kick-off and training breakfast with RMC's teen volunteer at Kennedy King College


Operation Push advances hip hop culture


Operation Push Promotes Hip Hop Summit to Engage the Next Generation of Leaders

Special Correspondent: CDW

The 40th Annual Conference of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and Citizenship Education Fund is taking place June 18th - 22nd at the Chicago Hilton & Towers. Monday is Business day, Tuesday is Labor and Clergy, and Wednesday is Health and Women.

The event I want to bring to your attention, though is Tuesday's Hip-Hop Summit. For $40 you get access to the summit (featuring panelists George Daniels, Loni Swain, and Lisa Raye, Wayne Winston, Herb Boyd and Carl West) and an after hours networking affair hosted by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

The Hip Hop Summit Session will examine entrepreneurship in Hip Hop culture with the intent of encouraging a major discussion on the importance of creating, expanding and nurturing new businesses to stimulate economic recovery in a climate that reflects lack of opportunities and limited pathways to prosper. Industry leaders are invited to provide guidance and encourage the citizens, friends and supporters of the Hip-Hop community to utilize the power of the music to redirect the 684 billion dollars in buying power to close the gap.

This year's theme: A More Perfect Union: Closing the Gap.


Real Men Cook build families


Showing Love for Fathers and the Family

Correspondent: MG Media

Real Men Charities is the corporate entity behind the Real Men Cook brand, and over the last 22 years, the nationally recognized one day Father's Day event has seen hundreds of men participating each and every year. There are numerous of men who have attached themselves to the summer day of fun in the sun since the beginning, and they continue to involve themselves and their entire families to share in this amazing love fest of men motivating and inspiring other men.

Willie Scott has seen his share of changes and advances in the RMC brand, and he was excited to briefly share some of his experiences with, as RMC engages for another great weekend and Willie prepares his delighful and popular appetizers.

TBTNS: How long have you participated in RMC's Father's Day celebration? Willie Scott: This is my 11th year.

TBTNS: What has been your greatest experiences over the years?
Willie Scott: Meeting gracious people, positive comments from participants, sharing with my community this charaitable effort, and bonding with Real Men.

TBTNS: What has been your best meal prepared thus far?
Willie Scott: A healthy seafood and vegetable stir fry.

TBTNS: How have you grown as a man, a father and community servant since being involved with RMC?
Willie Scott: I'm prouder to contribute to the community, as I meet and serve more people.

TBTNS: Do impress upon other men in your life to also get involved in Real Men Cook?
Willie Scott: Yes, I encourage them by having them know how gratifiying it is to be a member of RMC.

Everyone can and should attend Real Men Cook this Sunday, June 19th, from 3pm - 6pm at Chicago State University campus / 9501 S. King Drive, in the Cordell Reed Student Union. For tickets or more information, or contact PR specialiats Patricia Arnold,


"Have A Great Weekend, Be Safe And Enjoy The Weather And All The Wonderful Events Globally"


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