Legendary Blues Singer Phoebe Snow Dies at 58

"God bless the life and legacy of the legendary musical sister Phoebe Snow, and may the poetry of her music live on"  (Mark S. Allen)

Blues singer and N.J. native Phoebe Snow dies at age 58

snowPhoebe042611_optBY BOB HOLT

The bluesy singer/songwriter Phoebe Snow has died of complications
from a brain hemorrhage, according to Rick Miramontez, longtime friend
and public relations representative for Snow. Snow died in Edison, New
Jersey, Tuesday morning. She was 58.

Teaneck, Patch reports Snow grew up in Teaneck, and attended Eugene Field School #8 and Thomas Jefferson Middle School.

Snow's biggest fame came from her 1974 hit, "Poetry Man" from her
self-titled debut, and in 1975 she received a Grammy nomination for best
new artist, according to

But in 1975, the Associated Press reports
she gave birth to a daughter, Valerie Rose, who was found to be
severely brain-damaged. Soon after the birth of Valerie Rose, Snow's
husband left her, and Snow decided to care for her daughter herself at
home. The decision to be Valerie's primary caretaker led Snow to abandon
the music business for a time.

Valerie Rose was born with hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid in the
brain cavity that inhibits its development. She was not expected to live
beyond her youngest years, but she died in 2007 at 31.

After Snow suffered the brain hemorrhage in 2010, Snow faced bouts of
blood clots, pneumonia and congestive heart failure, said her manager,
Sue Cameron, according to reports
her most recent solo album was 'Natural Wonder,' released in 2003. Snow
sang on Paul Simon's song, 'Gone at Last,' performed at Howard Stern's
second wedding and recorded the theme song to the NBC's "A Different

In a 1985 interview, Snow told
the Teaneck Public Library, "Every once in a while I will doing a show
and someone will yell out, Teaneck, New Jersey, you know, because in all
the interviews, of course I mentioned it. That's where I grew up. And
it always, I feel a pang. Sure I do. I mean it is my home town."

Snow is survived by Julie Laub, her sister. Funeral services will be private but a public memorial is expected.

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