Does Chicago Urban League, Rainbow/PUSH, Others Agenda Reflect Ongoing Disconnect Among Classes?

After Chicago Mayors Race, Are we STILL disconnected?

Friday, March 25, 2011

By Mark S. Allen

CHICAGO -Our people "did it before" when they claimed just 35
city blocks to create the original Black Wall Street in Tulsa and in
2011, don't we have the collective talent to "do it again?"

Attention Religious leaders,
civic leaders, political leaders, candidates and political organizations
-- WHAT is about this Black Wall Street Chicago grassroots empowerment
agenda that keeps you and your members from actively participating?

Do you and your members NOT
want to see the attached agenda be successful to help touch the least of
our people? Are we going to keep practicing classism and separatism in
our own communities while we keep "talking" unity and united fronts on
common issues?

Black Wall Street Chicago and Chicago Urban League "Summits" clearly
show the continued disconnect between the "classes" and "constituencies"
in Chicago. We just came out of a Chicago Mayor's race where we could
not successfully connect the generations, classes, and constituencies
and settle on a united Chicago Mayoral front that best served our
collective Chicago political empowerment agenda.

And here we are again, where
The Chicago Urban League is hosting an Economic Summit designed to
attract one class of people and participants downtown with $150 tickets
and an agenda to empower the middle class without the appearance of a
poor people's agenda or participation. Then you have the grassroots
Black Wall Street Chicago event in the neighborhood on 43rd Street with a
$10 admission with a "bottom-up" legislative and public policy agenda
with no appearance of support from groups like The Rainbow/PUSH
Coalition, or The Chicago Urban League which provided the technical
assistance and financial support to help found The Black Wall Street
Chicago and support for The South Street Journal Newspaper as an ongoing
grassroots media voice.

After being so close from the
start, The Chicago Urban League appears today to be as far a part as
they can from their former partnership with the true grassroots


Personally, I thought that my
relationship as a former staff member of The Chicago Urban League,
Rainbow/PUSH, WVON, and my relationship with established leaders,
organizations and with disenfranchised groups etc would be the glue that
kept the generations and organizations connected on a common agenda.

But we today are just as divided as the leaders and groups were on WHO
was best to be Mayor, and we wonder why over 60% of Chicago's community
didn't care to vote no matter who was the Mayoral candidate.

And with this CONTINUED
disconnect, will there really be a true economic empowerment agenda that
reaches the disconnected? It appears that those who HAVE the $150
capacity to have an economic summit have no desire to have a formal bond
with the HAVE NOTS who are still struggling for empowerment with their
$10 neighborhood summits.

For BWSC the main goal is
sustaining and increasing Black businesses assisting in discussions and
summit resolutions to compliment the mission at each summit. The BWS
Districts are objectives in line with the historical Black Wall Street
of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is then to use the summits as a check-point to
the resolutions and to record the work or follow-up for each summit that
can serve to measure our objectives.

ÒRoom 43Ó, 1043 East 43rd Street, Chicago, Illinois $10 Donation (Breakfast, lunch and material) Vendors $30

8:30 am to 4:30 pm

I. Summit Called to order (9:00 am)

á Background on Black Wall Street, Talus Ok/History BWS C Dr. Daniel Habeel

á Structure: Cheryl Calvin, BWSC b.m. (board member)

BWS-C officers and elections May 2011

á State of Chicago Black Businesses: Chairman Ron Carter, BWSC b.m. (board member)

á Membership: Angela Williams

á National Report: Mark Allen, BWSC b.m.

II. The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP)

Overview of city planning: Angela Williams

III. Youth PanelÑ Angela Williams/Mr. Greg Mathis, Youth ChairÑT.R.I.BE. Nation.

IV. LegislationÑ Mark Allen, BWSC b.m. (board member)

á Community Banking Policy: Otis Monroe, The Monroe Foundation

á Overview Government Contracts: Moderator; Michael Neil, president MTN Assoc.

Black Contractors In The Neighborhood:

ÒParity on the Aldermanic MenuÓ Ms. Arnetha Gholston

Aldermen Robert Fioretti (2) Latasha Thomas (17),

African America Contractors
Associates: Omar Shareef, founder/marketing Specialist Legislative
ordinance, resolution proposal is to address the City of Chicago
contract bidding process to be directed under the aldermanic procurement
control for parity in our community.

V. How to assess funding and procurement: Michael Morgan, Global Commercial Solutions

VI. Government oversight: Panel & Presentation: Ms. Cheryl Calvin, Vice Chair BWS BM

VII. Proposal for business
development Fund Ñ Resolution from Summit XIV. Min. Rahm Aton Temple Of
Mercy Association, Address: Fresh Family Grocery Store, 336 West 95th

VIII. Black Wall Street
District Reports & Presentation from each district: Moderator:
Sytira Richardson. To assist The Black Wall Street Chicago commercial
development in the 16 Districts with land improvement and acquisition of
commercial properties in the designated districts

The Districts: Alderman Freddrenna M. Lyle, 75th Street District

á University of Chicago Urban Economic Health Project: Doriane C. Miller, MD, Director, Center for Community Health and Vitality

IX. Other business

Public Health in Sustaining and Increasing Black Businesses: Marc Loveless

X. Open Dialogue: Ranoule Tatum, BWS BM (board member)

XI. Summit Adjournment

For more information call 312-624-8351

The headquarters for Black Wall Street District USA are in Oakland.
There are Black Wall Street District's in Atlanta, Durham, Minneapolis,
Oakland, San Diego, Chicago, and Seattle. There are plans for expansion in the
following cities: Houston, Portland, Jackson Ward in Richmond, VA,
Detroit, Miami, Newark New Jersey and Philadelphia with another 26
cities showing interest.

Mark S. Allen
Chief-of-Staff for the National President
Black Wall Street USA

888 616 3110



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