City Continues to Delay Hiring Qualified African American Firefighter Applicants While Taxpayers Continue To Pay the Bill - Will Rahm Continue Daley Practice?


City Continues to Delay Hiring Qualified African American Applicants
While Taxpayers Continue To Pay the Bill


          It's been four months since the U.S. Supreme
Court unanimously ruled that the City of Chicago
Discriminated against over 6,000 qualified African
American applicants from the 1995 entrance exam. No matter what your political
or social beliefs about this case, this is not a black or white issue this is a
(green) taxpayer issue.


          The corporation council under the direction
of Mayor Daley and the City Council has requested and received yet another
extension on settling this case. For every month that the City delays in
settling this case it cost the taxpayers about $600,000 a month. Now the City
will say that they don't have the money to pay these applicants, but what they
won't tell you is that last year alone they spent over $58,000,000 ( of which
$5,237,845.00 went to Caucasian firefighters to settle claims for reverse
discrimination cases)  of your money to
settle other lawsuits. This doesn't include the lawsuit related to Commander


          Some may say that these applicants
shouldn't receive anything or that they should have scored higher on the test.
The truth of the matter is that all 6,000 of these applicants passed the 1995
entrance exam, and were not given a fair opportunity to compete for the job as
a firefighter do to the unfair and discriminatory hiring practices set fourth
by the City of Chicago. The merits of this case have already been decided, at
the highest court in the land by a unanimous decision.


          What at issue now is that the City
continues to delay hiring these 132 qualified applicants, while the taxpayers
continue to pay the bill. What each and every one of you needs to do is call your
Aldermen, call the Mayor's office and tell them to direct the corporation
council to stop wasting your money on continued delays on this case, and put
these qualified applicants to work! This mess is of the City's own doing but
they want you to pay for it. Let them all know that enough is enough.



L. Boggs


American Firefighters & Paramedics League of Chicago  

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