The Chicago Crusader Newspaper Endorses Carol Moseley Braun

The Chicago Crusader Newspaper Editorial Endorses Carol Moseley Braun For Mayor


The February 22 2011 Municipal General Elections in Chicago are upcoming. A lot is at stake in this election, since the long time mayor Richard M. Daley, is not running for re-election. This unexpected turn of events has stirred up Chicago politics like a hornet’s nest. The race for City Hall initially started with approximately 22 candidates, but today there are basically six who have garnered enough attention to be included in mayoral debates.

In addition to the mayoral seat, the offices of city clerk, city treasurer and 50 aldermanic posts are at stake along with several referenda. A side note: please discount any pre-election polls; they are often misleading and, in some cases, actually shape the outcome of elections. Make sure you vote to ensure that your voice is heard! With that said, the following are the Chicago Crusader's endorsements for the upcoming Chicago Municipal Elections.

Mayor of the City of Chicago: CAROL MOSELEY BRAUN. The Office of the Mayor of the City of Chicago is an important one. Whoever is at the helm should be an experienced public servant with the ability to work with a broad sector of people in order to get things done. Carol Moseley Braun has this experience, albeit some of her public statements have made her controversial. We must not, however, fall into the pit of confusing personality with effectiveness. While we may criticize a candidate for a blip made in a public debate, the more pressing concern should be what that candidate can deliver for the community.

If we allow emotions to reject a candidate because of misplaced comments, others, who have not made the same verbal missteps can slide into office and wreak havoc on the community. Case in point: the outgoing mayoral administration has cost the Chicago community a lot, especially when observing the parking meter fiasco which has deeply hurt the pockets of Chicagoans. We need someone in office who has the background to understand the needs of Chicago's diverse communities. Carol Moseley Braun, who promises to be the mayor of all Chicago, also promises to emphasize the needs of poor and working people. Moreover, we must remember that Braun was selected as a "consensus candidate," and if the Black community wants to attain direct access to the fifth floor of City Hall, it must come to a consensus upon one candidate. It's a poor dog that doesn't wag its own tail; the Black community in Chicago should take heed. There are other viable candidates, and Patricia Van Pelt Watkins is an excellent one among several others. She has a lot of community experience and a lot of good ideas. She is also someone who might be able to handle the city's dollars, with a CPA degree.

She is not, however, as experienced as Braun, who is an experienced legislator on the state and federal levels, and who also served as Cook County Recorder of Deeds and as a United States ambassador. And on another note, it does not need to be a foregone conclusion that the "frontrunner" (Rahm Emanuel) will snatch the golden ring. With all of his donated millions, you can believe that "he who pays the piper calls the tunes," and the tunes, in this case, were not called by Chicago's working citizens, for the most part. It's fair to assume, therefore, that they won't be the primary beneficiaries. We must also remember that the great equalizer is the vote - we each have only one. We believe that Braun has the intelligence and the will to effectively carry out duties as the Mayor of the City of Chicago. The Crusader, therefore, endorses her candidacy.


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    City Treasurer: STEPHANIE D. NEELY. Stephanie D. Neely is a native Chicagoan who grew up on the Southside and brings to the Office of Treasurer of the City of Chicago more than 20 years of financial services experience with leading investment banking institutions. A former vice president at Northern Trust Global Investments, Ms. Neely was responsible for working with public and corporate pension funds. As an African-American woman, Ms. Neely created opportunities for minority and women-owned financial services firms by fostering relationships with Northern Trust and thereby helping them establish a foothold in the industry. Currently, the City Treasurer’s Office maintains programs that improve financial literacy for all Chicagoans and help strengthen small businesses by providing access to affordable capital. Finally, as Treasurer, Ms. Neely serves as a trustee on five public pension boards. Because of this wealth of experience, the Crusader endorses her candidacy in an effort to retain her position as City Treasurer.

    Third Ward - There really is no contest here, first-term incumbent Pat Dowell has done a stellar job of focusing on delivering the necessary day-to-day services to her constituents. Ebony Tillman is the challenger, and despite her well recognized family name, she brings too many distractions.

    Fourth Ward - The interim alderman, Will Burns is the clear choice here in a field of seven candidates. Burns, a former state legislator is considered among the brightest and most effective young political leaders.

    Fifth Ward - Leslie Hairston is the incumbent and the Crusader wishes she had been more visible throughout the ward. But her constituents seem to have been adequately served. We are not confident that among the weak field of challengers she is facing, any would do a better job than Hairston has.

    Sixth Ward - This is one of those wards where the number of challengers signal strong dissatisfaction with the incumbent. Freddrenna Lyle has not been the strong voice we believe she should be. Other candidates in the race come without any background of understanding municipal government and the seat is too important to entrust to one without this knowledge. That is why our choice is Roderick T. Sawyer.

    Seventh Ward - A huge parcel within the ward is poised to be the largest site for new development on the South Side in decades. Incumbent Sandi Jackson, we wish could have shepherded the process at a faster pace. Family drama, through no fault of her own, distracted attention from the real work of an alderman. We feel another term in office will allow her to bring the former steel mill site project home along with jobs and a larger tax base.

    Eighth Ward - Incumbent Michelle Harris has created some strong ties during her terms in office, unfortunately however the district appears stagnant in terms of development. It appears it is time for new blood in the ward so we recommend Faheem Shabazz as Harris’ replacement.

    Ninth Ward - The temerity incumbent Alderman Anthony Beale displayed in securing a Wal Mart store for the ward bodes well for the Pullman neighborhood. Beale is under some pressure to replicate that achievement. Give him a chance.

    Fifteenth Ward - Turnover in the City Council is inevitable and the 15th is an ideal place for it. This race is the ideal place for it to start. A bright challenger, with strong people skills – Felicia Simmons Stovall should be the ward’s new alderman. We are convinced she will bring a fresh reasonable approach to the ward’s issues.

    Sixteenth Ward - The 16th is another ward with an apparently high level of discontent. Incumbent Alderman Joann Thompson has eight challengers. None of them mounted a campaign that detailed how they would address issues in the ward. The Crusader endorses no one in this race.

    Seventeenth Ward - Another crowded field of candidates here challenging the incumbent should not sway voters from sticking with Latasha Thomas.

    Eighteenth Ward - This Southwest Side ward is one of three in the city without parking meters. Understanding the law should be a requisite for every alderman. Incumbent Lona Lane clearly demonstrated that she understood the highly berated parking meter deal of Mayor Richard M. Daley. She also understands the law well enough to bolster business by keeping the meters out of the ward. For this alone Lona Lane deserves re-election.

    Twentieth Ward - Alderman Willie Cocharan has been more visible in the last three weeks than he has in three years. We see that as too little too late, especially with rising crime, blocks of vacant lots, and too few opportunities for employment. We are impressed with the commitment demonstrated by Rev. Andre Smith who has been scouring the neighborhood for a couple of years looking for ways and people to help. He epitomizes what the alderman should be.

    Twenty-first Ward - We encourage 21st Ward residents to retain Howard Brookins as their alderman. We feel too that it is time for Brookins to demonstrate true leadership by corralling the most pressing issues in the city council’s Black caucus and generate results for most of the city’s Black residents. Brookins faces an unimpressive field of challengers

    Twenty-fourth Ward - From an alderman arrested for drunken driving who subsequently sued the Chicago Police Department to attracting a record number of challengers-Sharon Denise Dixon made a laughing stock of this West Side Ward. Fortunately among the two dozen challengers, Valerie Leonard, a business owner and community developer, wants to take over the aldermanic reigns. We heartily endorse her bid for the office.

    Twenty-seventh Ward - Had Alderman Walter Burnett demonstrated the leadership we thought was required with the chairmanship of the Black Legislative City Council Caucus, we could consider giving him a pass on his latest gaffe. Burnett was instrumental in the process that created the chaos around a Black mayoral candidate. He flip flopped on his own convictions and the result is no Black candidate has a reasonable chance of winning. This is not the kind of thinking we need or can afford. So we endorse GeVonna Fassett as his replacement

    Twenty-ninth Ward - Incumbent Deborah Graham replaced Isaac Carothers after he was sentenced on bribery charges last summer. Graham has not been in the job long enough to be up to speed on the host of critical issues facing the council. Based on that, we cannot endorse her or any of her challengers.

    Thirty-fourth Ward - The old arguments about whether an alderman was too closely aligned to Mayor Richard M. Daley or not are now irrelevant. Incumbent Alderman Carrie Austin has been around long enough to be on both sides of the Daley issue. We are excited about the possibilities that loom ahead for Austin in a Daley-less administration.

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