Proposed State and Federal Social Service Cuts Are Death Sentences To Black, Urban, And Poor Communities

Social service agencies are currently provided much
needed services to constituents in Black, Urban and Poor communities and
currently turning away thousands for their inability to serve them and I
have heard no word from Governor Quinn or President Obama as to where
they expect thousands of more constituents in these areas to go and
survive with these new round of proposed budget and program cuts to
these social service agencies. With record unemployment in Black and
poor areas and not enough legitimate sources of income for poor people
to make ends meet these social services agencies and their limited
resources are the only things that are keeping people alive and away
from the illegal and life threatening street environments. Forcing
thousands of more people from these social services are putting them
right in the very areas of survival that will do nothing but guarantee
an increase in crime and even death.

Black and poor people gave their all and the base of electoral
victories for Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and President Barack Obama and
so it is quite painful for the leaders that they put so much faith and
hope in would now be the very ones who are telling them that the pain
and suffering they have been feeling is about to get even worse, and
forcing many good people into some very bad and life threatening
situations to try and survive on the backs of these proposed state and
federal budget cuts. While the state and federal budgets say they cannot
afford to maintain these social services, yet how much more is now
going to have to be absorbed in the criminal justice budgets and jail as
many desperate people are now going to be arrested for trying to survive
in the gang, drug, and other illegal economies trying to survive these
budget cuts.

People who have no other source of legal income to pay
their gas and light bills are now expected to find the money where to
pay those bills after the LIHEAP program is now faced to cut them?
People who would be homeless without rental assistance is now expected
to do what to pay their rent after they are cut from state and federal
social service programs and no legal job? The disaster stories go on and
on when you talk to social service providers to trying to imagine the
horrible pain that will occur from these new state and federal cuts.

We have far too many mentally ill walking our streets for lack of
proper services and now we are supposed to prepare to add thousands more
mentally ill to be cut from their services, walk these streets as
disasters just waiting to happen when they snap? And what happens when
the result of the aftermath of these cuts result in the physical harm
and even death to family, friends and innocent victims. The state and
federal governments and our local Black and urban communities will
certainly be paying the negative prices on the back end of these budget

At the County level, I am still trying to understand how we praise
those who want to repeal the "Stroger" tax to help fund County services,
while just ordering another 10-16% in even more County budget and
program cuts for lack of incoming revenue. How are we justifying not
needing the "Stroger" tax while cutting even more needed program and
services from the County?

At each election Black and poor voters are overwhelmed with why they
must vote to elect and re-elect persons to government only to with those
very governments always have to balance budgets on the backs of the
programs and service those very Black and poor communities. This is not
how to demonstrate how democracy is supposed to work for poor people, as
they watch Wall Street have no problems in getting bailed out and
stimulus programs that sound good and "transparent" during press
conferences, but never see the money ever reach them on main streets.

Black and poor people must begin to turn their pain into the power as
the people of Cairo Egypt just did in showing the public demonstrations
against the government for serving once class of society at the expense
of the poor. And they must fight back while they are alive and well for
these proposed budget cuts at the county, state and federal levels are
life threatening and even death sentences in Black and poor communities
not prepared to handle the pain of these proposed cuts. The poor must
fight back. And The Governor and President need to listen and find other
ways to balance the budget. I'm in Chicago, so have the candidates for
Chicago Mayor had anything to say to the Governor or President on how
these cuts are going to have on Black and poor communities as they look
for votes from these communities on February 22nd?


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