New Chicago Black Leadership Forum and Agenda at Black Wall Street-Chicago Thursday February 24th

There has been a whole new generation of grassroots Black leaders in Chicago that have been meeting and winning small grassroots political victories that have gone under the radar because they have not be associated with established leaders and organizations. The Community Reinvestment Organizing Project, The Illinois Voter Restoration Project, The Black Wall Street Chicago have been meeting regularly and reporting on new leadership and grassroots agenda items developed at the grassroots level, so when people like The Sun Times Mary Mitchell says that a Black empowerment is dead is in part because many in The Black media does not make a conscious effort to actively promote what new grassroots leaders are doing to empower and connect constituencies at the grassroots level in the Black community. And another problem with the Black empowerment movement is that when you do take a "Black" agenda to Black officials and organizations they are hesitant to publicly embrace it for fear of being called racist versus self empowerment for majority Black communities.

On Thursday, February 24th at 8:30 AM The members of Black Wall Street Chicago will be hosting a "Where Do We Go From Here,?" Black grassroots leadership, political and economic agenda from the Black community, for the Black community. But the new "Parity" legislation that the group has developed for introduction to The Chicago City Council will significantly increase the level of Black contractors, businesses and local jobs in the majority Black communities as well as Hispanic and other underserved communities. But there IS a new level of Black civic and political leaders organizing and it only take people like The Sun Times' Mitchell and others to recognize the work, the agenda, and the leaders and then the Black community WILL see that there are people ready to assume major leadership roles on Black political empowerment. And then from the local to national level of leadership, I and others in the group worked as National Community Organizers for Rev. Al Sharpton's 12 Month National Action Plan called "Measuring The Movement"

The Chairman of Black Wall Street Chicago Ron Carter has already been in contact with Mayor Elect Rahm Emanuel with regard to our legislative agenda; so Emanuel definitely will be challenged by Black Wall Street Chicago and The Monroe Foundation's Community Reinvestment Organizing Project, and several candidates in run-off elections are adopting the legislation for their run-off campaigns. So while Black leadership and a Black empowerment movement may be at a crossroad, it certainly is not dead.

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