New Blanc Chicago Gallery Amanda Williams Art Exhibit Starts February 25th

BLANC CHICAGO GALLERY 4445 S. Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60653 773-952-4394

She Git It From Her Mama

Feb 25th - Apr 4th, 2011

Artist - Amanda Williams

Artist  Reception  Feb 25th 6-9pm 2011





She Git It From Her Mama a line from a rap song.

It's also a colloquialism often used by African Americans. It hints
at a universal cultural need to call out ephemeral family traits as a
way of acknowledging a collective continuity of existence across the
unwritten gaps of history. With very few material items to 'pass on' to
new generations, the ability to make ancestral associations with
physical resemblance, genetic attributes, mannerisms, turns of phrase,
etc. become a vital form of personal affirmation; a confirmation that we
belong to something. In the absence of physical items to inherit, these
intangibles we 'git', and their associated stories, become the
heirlooms in and of themselves. As the artifacts of each generation
become less legible, they are simultaneously more cherished.  We
embellish and fabricate the details that have become elusive. We re-fable the missing pieces.


Using mismatched pieces of information culled from oral histories,
family photos, maps, online databases and an ancestral DNA test kit I
completed, I experimented with a variety of media and techniques
including drawing, painting, collage and printmaking to re-fable future


This exhibit is the evidence of those re-fables.




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