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Media Not Reporting Mobilization For Braun's Campaign

Correspondent: Mark S. Allen

The major media goes to great lengths to report when Carol Moseley Braun
goes down in the polls, but doesn't seem as balanced to report events
like this past weekend when over 500 people attended The Rainbow/PUSH
Coalition Get-Out-The-Vote Rally featuring Carol Moseley Braun, The
Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr, Jonathan Jackson, Congressman Bobby Rush
and representatives of The National Organization for Women. After
rally, over 100 new volunteers signed up for Braun's campaign. The
Black History Month radio specials on WVON radio have generated
hundreds of new volunteers. During this upcoming Black History Month
election, the media did not report how Braun and others pointed out
where Rahm Emanuel's career as a Congressman voted 128 times against legislation sponsored by The Congressional Black Caucus!

continuing with the Black History Month mobilization for Braun to make
Black political history again by becoming the next Black to be elected
Mayor since Harold Washington, Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Conrad Worrill
led a rally a few days ago at Parkway Ballroom adding to the momentum
for CMB. This is going to be a historic election day, for it was on
February 22nd that Chicago elected its first Black Mayor, and it's on
this same February 22nd date that the Black community can use its power
to elect Carol on the same date as Harold -- a theme that most media or
political pundits won't discuss. But for Carol-like Harold, the
grassroots community will keep on pushing while we keep challenging the
major media for fairness and balance in its reporting on the Braun

Cong. Rush Says Rahm TV Ads Insults Black Community?

Correspondent: MSA

While the media has made headlines saying a majority of Black voters support Rahm Emanuel, Congressman Bobby Rush appeared again and spoke strongly alongside the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr
at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition's national radio/TV broadcast and forum,
telling audiences "not to be fooled" by the multi media TV ads that
Rahm Emanuel has been trying to "fool" Chicago voters with in
campaigning for Mayor. Congressman Rush said strongly that "I have
served with him in Congress directly, and the image you see in these
slick TV spots is not the real Rahm Emanuel. And that the Rahm Emanuel
that he served with in Congress clearly showed that he is only
concerned about the elite, not the common people, and definitely not
Black people.

specifically led a Congressional delegation to vote against The
Congress Black Caucus OVER 120 TIMES, including The Red Line Extension
that he voted against, while telling the Black community he supports
it. He voted against funding for Chicago State University, and now
wants to visit the school to solicit votes. And he voted against
humanitarian food aid to South Africa, and over 100 more votes against
legislative efforts for Black and poor communities.

said its an absolute insult that during this Black History Month, Black
people are being force-fed a multi million dollar remake of a Rahm
Emanuel that has a documented legislative record of not supporting
Black and poor people's issues that he has successfully hidden behind.
Rahm Emanuel can not make political history trying to become Chicago's
next Mayor getting Black support, while hiding his false record of
support to Black and poor people's issues.

(Mark S. Allen, first community organizers to work with Barack Obama in Chicago, Associate Editor of The South Street Journal newspaper and 37 year activist/journalist. Selected as 2010 Who's Who In Black Chicago. 312-624-8351 or 773-392-0165)



Will Smith and talented daughter Willow walks red carpet at Grammy's

The baddest performer alive, Mick Jagger dances around at the Grammy's

Latin crooner Ricky Martin pose on red carpet at Grammy's


His Magic Kingdom keeps growing


Magic Johnson Becomes Part-Owner and Chairman of Vibe Holdings

Correspondent: Stephen Ceasar (L.A. Times)

With a multimillion-dollar investment, Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson
is set to become chairman of a New York-based magazine and television
company that he says is poised to tap into a coveted urban audience.

Johnson, 51, will be chairman of Vibe Holdings, the parent company of Vibe magazine and owner of the music-and-dance TV show "Soul Train,"
including its star-studded performance library. No financial details of
the deal were disclosed, although a Johnson spokeswoman described it as
"an eight-figure investment."

Johnson made the deal in partnership with the Yucaipa Cos., a Los Angeles-based investment firm headed by billionaire Ron Burkle.
It is the first step of a process aimed at revitalizing Vibe Holdings
and making it the center of influence for an urban audience he has
reached with other businesses in the past, Johnson said.

"We know where they are and we know how to reach them," Johnson said. "They are loyal to our brands."

Vibe Holdings is also the parent company of magazine publisher Uptown Media and more than 25 websites. Vibe magazine is published six times a year and is currently found only on newsstands.

company's brands, particularly Vibe magazine and Soul Train, have an
especially loyal fan base in the African American market but have
historically reached beyond it, making them attractive to advertisers
as a "tastemaker for overall culture," said Peter Kern, a managing partner at New York-based InterMedia Partners, which owns a stake in the company.

said the company planned to bring the show back to television and begin
licensing content. The company owns about 300,000 photos and about
1,100 hours of video of performances by music legends including Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and the Jackson 5.

the Soul Train brand also gives the company an opportunity to
rejuvenate the influence the show had on popular culture during its
heyday with today's audience, Johnson said. "I learned how to dance
watching 'Soul Train.' We're going to make it hip and young again."

chairman, Johnson said, he would be involved in business strategy and
engaging advertisers but would leave day-to-day operations to the
current leadership. The company would also attempt to acquire other
media that complemented its strategy.

"We're open for more business," Johnson said. "We have an opportunity to take this to a whole other level."

In October, Johnson sold his 4.5% stake in the Lakers to billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong
and sold 105 Starbucks coffeehouse franchises back to the company for a
reported $75 million. Johnson has also expressed interest in becoming a
majority owner of a professional sports team and has been involved in
the push to bring a National Football League team back to Los Angeles.


Esperanza accepts Grammy love


Esperanza Spalding Was Surprise Winner at Grammy's

Correspondent: MG Media

A 26-year old, classically trained jazz/chamber music fusion musician and singer, Esperanza Spalding has been making headlines in the jazz world since before her 2006 debut solo album, "Junjo."
Having attended the Berklee Academy of Music, where she immediately
became a professor after graduating at 20 years old, she began to
travel with well known jazz musicians.

Showing prescient hipness, President Obama
selected Spalding to perform at the Oslo City Hall when he accepted his
2009 Nobel Prize, as well as at a White House poetry jam.

She is not new to jazz lovers world-wide, actually, her recent CD "Chamber Music Society"
is her eighth overall album, including her teenage band and
collaborations with famous jazz musicians. With her past success
globally, she's still excited about winning Best New Artist at the 53rd
annual Grammy's presentation.

feel really lucky that I got to be acknowledged on this stage in front
of so many people who hopefully will get to experience my music, and I
got there by doing what's really dear to my heart," she told the AP
after her win.

To earn the Grammy, she beat out an impressive field, including teen idol Justin Biebers, rapper Drake and band Florence & The Machine. Soon after, Biebers hacked into her Wikipedia page, making changes saying she won, "even though no one has heard of her."

Clearly, that's not the case little boy.


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