President Obama Has Other Options For Chief of Staff Like Valerie Jarrett, Alexis Hermann, Or Donna Brazile

President Barack Obama has other real options to be considered for his new Chief of Staff, like former Labor Secretary Alexis Hermann, Valerie Jarrett, or Donna Brazille as well as others. As we look at the fact women are the majority of registered voters in this country, that t would be a boost to garnering women if a strong woman was in this key position.  Former Labor Secretary is not just a capable women, but a woman who as Labor Secretary kept sense of direct communication with rank and file members of the workforce as she governed as Labor Secretary and this would be a plus in President Obama's goals of reconnecting with his constituent base.

President Obama could also consider the trailblazing Democratic Party Strategist Donna Brazille who brings the unique combination of her grassroots experiences working with the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr to her actually successfully managing the campaign of Vice President Al Gore's for President before Courts took the Presidency away from Gore. In addition to her mainting contact with internal and external constituencies of The Democratic Party, she has also increased her visibility and credibility with millions of new people who have learned to respect of poltical dynamics as a Contributor on CNN.

And now there's Senior Policy Advisor Valerie Jarrett who the world has come to know and work with in The Obama White House and first it is always a good morale booster when in time of a vacancy that the owners or management in charge have looked from within the existing staff to see who may have earned the right to be elevated to a higher job vacancy and before it appears that Obama has reached outside his in house staff for a William Daley or anyobody else there should be more than just a symbolic gesture that existing staff and morale are dealth a blow by the overlooking of great team player, thus Valerie Jarrett has more than earned the right to be seriously talked about as new Chief of Staff as the name William Daley is being discussed currently. In my judgement, it would a bad morale booster not to have Valerie Jarrett seriously considered as Chief of Staff. And like with Brazille, the country has come to know and have a working relationship with Jarrett and it shows consistency during the new staff transition at The White House.

As President Obama openly admitted during the recent mid-term election losses and the recommitment by him to developing the vehicles to reconnect his administrations public policy messages with his base then you do not get any better than having people like Valerie Jarrett, Alexis Hermann, or Donna Brazille who have built reputations for their internal political operations knowledge, plus their reputations for being accessible to the grassroots people needed at the core of Presdient Obama's reelection.

And wth the challanges about to face David Axelrod in building President Obama's reelection team, its people like Jarrett, Hermann, or Brazille who are uniquely qualified as the bridge and operational unity amongs what happens in The White House and how that directly relates to the outreach from the reelection staff and operations.

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