Preparing For The PHONY Tributes To Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr ??



In less than 24 hours, Illinois is about to make National and
International HISTORY in announcing the largest LOSS OF JOBS to 26,000
poor workers in Illinois (13,000 in Chicago) who will OFFICIALLY LOSE
their jobs from The States "Put Illinois To Work" program on Rev. Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr's actual birthday of January 15th!!

A man who spent his own last birthday on earth planning a "Poor People's
Campaign" for JOBS for the least our our people, and most of our local
and national media, leaders and all will spend these national
commemorations singing  WE SHALL OVERCOME; listening to excerpts of "I
HAVE A DREAM" and other Rev. Dr. King speeches; enjoying "symbolic"
breakfast, lunches, dinners, commercial business sales; Photo ops;
parties, and other social "feel good" events, while the "substance" of
26,000 poor workers are laid off their jobs and sent back to the streets
with NO legitimate source of income!!

This past November elections, 26,000 poor workers AND VOTERS were
bombarded with multi MILLIONS of dollars in mass media buys; robo calls,
political columns, special radio talk shows everyday, religious, civic,
business and other DESPERATE appeals and personal visits from Former
President Clinton, Vice President Biden, and Chicago and Illinois' own
President Barack Obama and First Lady on the ABSOLUTE STATE OF EMERGENCY
in HAVING to re-elect Illinois Governor Pat Quinn as the vanguard to
look out for the least of our people!!

As 26,000 poor people and VOTERS face this almost "death row" countdown
to whether they will have a legitimate job to report to Monday, we are
challenging our Illinois Governor to make "IMMEDIATE" decisions on
taxes, death penalty, and EVERY OTHER ISSUE EXCEPT will he preserve
26,000 people on Rev. Dr. King's birthday with their continued JOBS or
back to the life threatening illegal street economies to economically
provide for themselves and their families!!

What a difference a few months can make -- from the emotional and
political frenzy of the RECENT November elections to todays DANGEROUS
SILENCE of Chicago's Outgoing Mayor Richard M. Daley, the six remaining
candidates who want to be the new Chicago Mayor; those just re-elected
in November, those local leadership Incumbents who want to be
re-elected, to the hundreds of those who filed for election to be new
Aldermen, ALL with the "promise" of what they ALL would do if they were
elected or re-elected to fight for local jobs and yet 26,000 poor people
would like to know WHERE THEY ALL STAND NOW that they have less than 24
hours to know if there is enough political "conscience" or pressure to
Illinois' Governor Quinn to make the decision if he will celebrate Rev.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday announcing that 26,000 poor people
will have jobs or face the largest massive jobs layoffs on January

As we recite Rev. Dr. King quotes and the rest of the "symbolism" in
singing WE SHALL OVERCOME -- will 26,000 poor state workers from "Put
Illinois To Work" overcome the desperation and uncertainty the are
facing in these next 24 hours??

WHAT AN ABSOLUTE SHAME that 26,000 poor people (with 13,000 in Chicago)
are in this 24 hour countdown to this national and international watch
over how poor people in Illinois will be symbolized on Rev. Dr. King's
birthday. Poor people working or in the streets and our collective
media, leadership and all waiting for them to be forced back to the
streets and the subjects of our next prayer vigils, and press
conferences after-the-fact, asking "What Could We Have Done?" to protect
them from being subjected to the life threatening streets and violence.
MAYBE, JUST MAYBE fighting to SAVE THEIR JOBS TODAY on Rev. Dr. King's
birthday IS THE ANSWER??


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  • Do you need these people to get your newspaper out ?
    Is that why you are fighting so hard for this, it is for your personal benefit ?

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