Coalition Met With Illinois' Governor Quinn's Representatives On Another Extension of "Put Illinois To Work" Workers Whose Last Job Extension Ends Today, January 15th !!




Saturday, January
15, 2011



past Thursday and Friday, a coalition of over 200 ministers, community
activists, small business owners, social service organizations, and "Put
Illinois To Work" workers facing January 15th job layoffs participated in two
public demonstrations and press conferences calling on Illinois Governor Quinn
not to have to use the symbolism of Dr. King's birthday and national holiday to
announce that thousands of poor workers from the program would no longer have
jobs and to offer another extension.


Coalition led by The Pastors Network with ministers like Rev. Marshall Hatch,
Rev. Ira Acree, Rev. Roosevelt Watkins and activists and community leaders led
by Mark Allen of Black Wall Street-Chicago and The Illinois Voter Restoration
Project, were invited to and met with representatives of The Governor in The
Governor's Office on Friday January 14th.


Governor's people informed the delegation of the progress of the program in that
the numbers of 26,000 affected workers had drastically changed for those who
were college students and they are now back in school, others who had found new
full time employment, and that the current numbers couid be as low as 14,000
affected by job layoffs on January 15th, and with that Rev. Hatch said that
because of those successes is why The Governor SHOULD grant one more 90 Day
extension as we prepare these final workers for transition into new legal
employment opportunities.

Today, January 15th, the actual birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King,
Jr Illinois has technically made National and International HISTORY in
announcing the largest LOSS OF JOBS for up to 14,000 poor workers in Chicago and
across Illinois who will OFFICIALLY LOSE their jobs from The States "Put
Illinois To Work" program today on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's actual
birthday of January 15th!!

A man who spent his own last birthday on earth
planning a "Poor People's Campaign" for JOBS for the least our our people, and
most of our local and national media, leaders and all will spend these national
commemorations singing  WE SHALL OVERCOME; listening to excerpts of "I HAVE A
DREAM" and other Rev. Dr. King speeches; enjoying "symbolic" breakfast, lunches,
dinners, commercial business sales; Photo ops; parties, and other social "feel
good" events, while the "substance" of 14,000 poor workers are laid off their
jobs today and many sent back to the gang, drug and criminal elements of the
streets, not eligible for unemployment and with NO legitimate source of

This past November elections, Chicago and Illinois' poor workers
AND VOTERS were bombarded with multi MILLIONS of dollars in mass media buys;
robo calls, political columns, special radio talk shows everyday, religious,
civic, business and other DESPERATE appeals and personal visits from Former
President Clinton, Vice President Biden, and Chicago and Illinois' own President
Barack Obama and First Lady on the ABSOLUTE STATE OF EMERGENCY in HAVING to
re-elect Illinois Governor Pat Quinn as the vanguard to look out for the least
of our people!!

As 14,000 poor people and VOTERS face this almost "death
row" countdown to whether they will have a legitimate job to report to Monday,
we are challenging our Illinois Governor to make "IMMEDIATE" decisions on taxes,
death penalty, and EVERY OTHER ISSUE EXCEPT will he preserve 14,000 poor people
on Rev. Dr. King's birthday with their continued JOBS or a certainty to increase
the local and state crime rates if these 14,000 poor people are forced back to
the life threatening illegal street economies to economically provide for
themselves and their families!!

What a difference a few months can make
-- from the emotional and political frenzy of the RECENT November elections to
SILENCE of Chicago's Outgoing Mayor Richard
M. Daley, the six remaining candidates who want to be the new Chicago Mayor;
those just re-elected in November, those local leadership Incumbents who want to
be re-elected, to the hundreds of those who filed for election to be new
Aldermen, ALL with the "promise" of what they ALL would do if they were elected
or re-elected to fight for local jobs and yet 14,000 poor people AND VOTERS
would like to know WHERE THEY ALL STAND NOW? 

These poor workers and voters want
to know if there is enough political "conscience" or pressure to Illinois'
Governor Quinn to make the decision if he will celebrate Rev. Dr. Martin Luther
King Jr's birthday announcing that in the recognition of Dr. King's last living
effort of a poor people's jobs campaign that Quinn has decided to announce that
he will in fact tell these thousands of todays poor people WILL have jobs and
NOT face the largest massive jobs layoffs now on Monday, January 17th, the
official Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday and Commemoration!!

we recite Rev. Dr. King quotes and the rest of the "symbolism" in singing WE
SHALL OVERCOME -- will thousands of poor state and Chicago city workers from
"Put Illinois To Work" program can overcome the desperation and uncertainty the
felt on Friday and NO OFFICIAL WORD came from The Governor's Office.

AN ABSOLUTE SHAME that for Illinois Governor Quinn, Chicago Mayor Richard M.
Daley, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr, former staff and supporters of Rev. Dr. King,
public and elected officials, the major candidates for Chicago Mayor, to be in
attendance on Monday's upcoming Dr. King Breakfast hosted by Rev. Jackson --
that in the midst of the celebration of over 150 educational scholarships being
announced that its also the day that thousands of poor people in Chicago and
Illinois watch over how poor people in Illinois will be symbolized on Rev. Dr.
King's official national holiday and commemoration. 

Will the Governor
announce that poor people will be working or in the streets and our collective
media, leadership and all waiting for them to be forced back to the streets and
the subjects of our next prayer vigils, and press conferences after-the-fact,
asking "What Could We Have Done?" to protect them from being subjected to the
life threatening streets and violence. MAYBE, JUST MAYBE the announcement their
jobs have been saved on Rev. Dr. King's national holiday


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  • Sorry, after my taxes have gone up 100%, I believe that we cannot afford this program anymore. Businesses like your will have to pay for its own labor, especially when you have them out doing political work under the guise of something else.

  • In reply to darrahmicah:

    I am concerned when you make damaging personal and professional attacks on me and my business which defame me and WHY? What business do I own that has state paid workers under "Put Illinois To Work" that I instead have them doing political work?

  • Thank you for the comments: We certainly will not need any explanation for the increase in crime when we have watched our deliberate addition of thousands of poor workers who not qualify for unemployment and no source for legitimate income and then ask what was the source for the new increase in the gang, drug and illegal street economies.

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