The Murder of Chicago Police Officer David Blake -- Is This Now a COLD CASE ??

Is this case going to continue to be run by the many "police sources" and "anonymous" details continually fed to activists, community leaders, and the media, OR will get the real updates and real facts on solving this killing of a Chicago Police Officer?? Is this now a COLD CASE ??

Black Activists
Charge Weis, States Attorney With Not Providing Same 24/7 Coverage in Death Of Black Police Officer David Blake


Wallace "Gator" Bradley of United In Peace, Joe
Ziegler, Jr of The 18th Ward Community Action Network and a candidate
for 18th Ward Alderman, myself and others met with and answered
questions from area residents who were thinking out loud when they asked
the question of whether it was wrong to think that the killing of a
White Police Officer on The East Side got public 24/7 coverage and the
killing of Black Officer David Blake does not see Weis doing public
briefing after briefing and his personal commitment to using every
resource of the police department to see that this case is resolved?
Well its difficult to see those who feel that even in death, that the
killing of a White officer gets more police presence in resolving it
than the killing of a Black officer, but you cant stop people from
feeling what they feel, but I will do what I need to do to see that it
is addressed, personally because I live on this block where Officer
Blake was killed and I too want to see Jody Weis and every available
police resource used to bring this case to a close.

I, like other
residents have been getting far too many updates from "anonymous"
sources who have been giving everyday updates on scenarios of the
killing of Officer Blake and the "personal" issues surrounding this
case. Its clear that "something" is going on for these sources would not
be able to be feeding spin to news outlets and to various community
leaders who live in this area. On the day of Officer Blakes killing, I
ran to the scene for it was on the other end our our Seipp Street block
and I seen various neighbors looking out the windows as officers began
to assemble at the scene, but NONE of these neighbors were questioned by
Detectives after the rumor was that a man left the scene running down
our block in a Black hat as to whether anyone on the block may have seen
anyone. In fact when I heard this, I was wearing a Black skull hat and
went back in the house to change to my red hat, just so I was not looked
at as a possible suspect, but didn't seem to matter for NO ONE  from
the police department asked any of the neighbors on our end of Seipp
Street, UNLESS the police already KNEW there was no such suspect, but
when are the neighbors and community leaders going to be updated on
whats going on? This is what just happened with Weis in his continued
public updates on how the case was progressing in the killing that
included the White CSI Officer Michael Flisk but not yet over here where
the Black officer David Blake was killed. WE demand this immediate
attention right now and get this case closed.

It looked good to
see Jody Weis and the serious and determined look on his face when he
publicly declared that he was not going to rest and he was pulling in
every officer possible to cover every possible lead that could get them
to a suspect in the killings that included Officer Flisk. We are tired
of being brought up to date from "anonymous sources" and demand that
Police Chief Weis, States Attorney Alvarez, new CAPS Director Ronald
Holt and all show the same public display of resources and bring this
killing of Officer David Blake to a close. NO MORE "police sources," BUT
the direct sources in Weis and Alvarez.

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