Danny K. Davis -- Does "Seniority" Matter? Do You Earn It and then Give It Away? Just let it GO ?????

"personal" ambitions did not override the
collective political power of his seniority and Chairmanship, now will
Davis' "personal" ambitions override the political power of our hard
earned seniority with him on House Ways and Means Committee, the most
powerful committee in Congress? Will Davis' personal ambition prevail,
or will he follow the example set by Rev. Meeks for Black political

The Chicago Defender started this major debate with its front page story
of the leading three Black candidates coming into one, and now there
are two. The questions the Black community asks in the next few days
could make the difference.  WVON with its candidate forum on the big
three added to the decision making and should be on point next week. 
And OF COURSE, I have offered an analysis to help shape that discussion.



By Mark S. Allen

Veteran Political Activist

Rev. Al Sharpton said "Mark Allen is one of Chicago's legendary political activists"

(Office) 312-624-8351 or (773) 392-0165

I make this personal and public appeal to Congressman Danny K. Davis
to take the example of Rev./Senator James T. Meeks and think beyond his
"personal ambitions" and think of the big political picture and
maintain the Black community's political seniority with his high ranking
position on the most powerful committee in Congress, House Ways and
Means. Rev. Meeks withdrawal from The Chicago Mayor's race may have been
setback to his personal ambition to be Mayor, but was a plus our
political power by sustaining the political seniority and Chairmanship
on the State senate. By his own public admission when he returned to Chicago from Washington Davis said had to be called on personally by President Obama during the
recent session in Congress in getting The Presidents legislative agenda passed before the Lame Duck Session
ended. Thats a level of political seniority that Obama needs during
this critical period of 2011 and 2012 that Davis should not give up for
us and the big picture agenda in favor of his own personal ambition to
be Mayor. There is no sense of political urgency that mandates that
Davis give up this long fought for seniority when you have a candidate
like Carol Moseley Braun
who has no political office to lose or give up for The Chicago Mayor's
race. And is there some pressing issue that Davis sees that cannot be
carried by Braun, a person that he has known and worked with since the
beginning of his political career.

As a youth activist starting
in my teens, I can remember going to the political empowerment workshops
at Chicago Black United Communities (CBUC) led by Lu Palmer, and
instructors like Danny Davis
teaching us about the strategies
for obtaining and sustaining political empowerment through seniority.
Now its just ironic to see years later that the very person who taught
us the benefits of sustaining political seniority now about to give it
all away for his own personal ambition to be Mayor. Davis does not have
to give it up, nor did Rev. Meeks, and its not too late for Davis to
follow Meeks example to set aside his personal ambition to be Mayor and
to stay in his senior position on The House Ways and Means Committee. We
add to our political base when we sustain our seniority with Meeks and
Davis at the State and Federal levels and Braun as Mayor.

Meeks still has a 20,000 member church, hundreds of committed street
workers and a strong base of support and could have rebounded from his
latest controversies to still run a strong campaign for Mayor, but he
must be commended again for abandoning his personal ambition, while at
the same time sustaining our political strength
in the State senate. And by Davis' own admission he has been behind in
campaigning, had no real website, and putting together fundraisers to
catch up, but why, when he does not not have to and based on the 2011
political challenges to President Obama, Davis will be needed again to
stop full time campaigning to tend to important legislative matters
versus local campaigning.

I have nothing but respect for the life and work of Congressman Danny Davis,
and for all that he has meant to me personally in my own growth as a
"next generation" leader. It is difficult for me to take this position
by that is part of what he helped teach me in qualities that a leader
must face when facing difficult political challenges. I felt the same
way about my challenge to Rev./Senator in public challenging him to
withdraw and sustain his seniority, for I also worked many years
directly with Meeks when I was Field Director for Rainbow/PUSH Coalition
and Meeks was

So I hope in the coming days that Rev./Senator
Meeks will actively endorse and campaign in the streets with Carol
Moseley Braun
to make his appeal for unity real for the people to see. I
hope that Meeks will join the call in asking Congressman Davis to
follow his example by setting aside his personal ambition for Mayor and
unite around the historic candidacy of Senator and Ambassador Carol
Moseley Braun. As I have blogged about before, it is significant that
Braun is the candidate during this next election being held in Black
History Month and she can again make, Black and female political history
as the first female to be elected Mayor since Jane Byrne, and the first Black to be elected Mayor since Harold. "From Harold to Carol."

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