Black Community Protest At Sun Times Over Columnist Neil Steinberg's Insults To Carol Moseley Braun, Black Leaders, and Black Press

On Tuesday, Dec. 28th at 12 Noon a cross section of leadership from the Black coommunity will stage a public demonstration and press conference against the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper at 350 N. Orleans near the Chicago
. African-American clergy, business owners and community leaders expressed
outrage over a column written by Neil Steinberg in the Monday edition of the
The column ridiculed mayoral candidate Carol Moseley Braun, Chicago's first Black Mayor Harold Washington, as well as
other black politicians, and the newspaper, N'DIGO.  Protesters are calling for
Steinberg's dismissal and are asking for a meeting with the Sun-Times editorial
board regarding allegations that while The Sun Times enjoys significant financial support from majority Black communities that the paper does not reflect the proper staffing of Black reporters or sensitivity when covering Black community issues.

Throughout the early stages of this Chicago Mayoral campaign and the dynamics of candidates and issues of the Black community, that there are no full time Black political assignment reporters or equal balance on Black community issues? How can The Sun Times CONTINUE to benefit from a significant Black readership and financial support to pay the salaries of people like Neil Steinberg to insult the Black community?. The Black community is PAYING the salary of someone like Steinberg to openly insult them?

Veteran Black activist Wallace "Gator" Bradley added that "How can a columnist like Steinberg be given the authority to publicly pass judgement on other people's personal and professional lives when he has documented personal and professional problems of his own?" Bradley said "Steinberg can have his personal insults all he wants on the Black community, but the Sun Times ownership should not be authorizing it, and Black people should not be helping to pay his salary to insult Black people."


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  • Steinberg does not even live in Chicago.

    However if you are a journalist, I would think you would be a defender of freedom of the press.

    Or are you wearing your paid consultant hat when it comes to Carol Braun ?

  • darrahmicah -- Thank you for your comments. Steinberg has right to say what he says and people who help pay his salary with their subscriptions have a right to object. He can say what he wants to say, but NOT with MY MONEY!!

    I do not suggest that you are a paid consultant to Steinberg because you support him, so why do I have to be a paid consultant to Braun because I support her?

  • In reply to Marksallen:

    Neal is not running for anything.

  • In reply to Marksallen:

    If you don't want your money going to Steinberg, then don't buy his paper. This is America; that's why I don't listen to Sean Hannity.

    Other than the last paragraph-- I don't find anything offensive, certainly not racist. And with respect to the last paragraph-- unfortunately, I do not read it as a knock on Washington, but rather, on knock on the city council from the 80s. Harold Washington was not able to get much done with the council because of the Council Wars, which was caused by racism. THAT was racism. An opinion that a candidate (who happens to be black) is an underwhelming choice does not make the person giving the opinion a racist-- unless it's expressed that the candidate's race that makes him or her unqualified. I don't see anything in the column saying because CMB is black she's unqualified. I read that because CMB is underwhelming on her best day, she's unqualified.

    Is every black candidate a good choice? If not, then when is calling a black candidiate NOT the best choice simply an opinion rather than racism?

    (by the way: voting for CMB because she's black could be considered racism, especially if you think someone else is a better candidate).

    If someone wrote that about Gery Chico would you be upset?

    A protest of Steinberg, by the way, is certainly NOT going to help her chances in any citywide vote for mayor. It actually probably proves Steinberg's point. Instead of providing a debate on policy or a reason to vote for her over Emanuel (or someone else), she has to manufacture racism to get coverage. I wonder if she's cringing at this? Or maybe hoping Davis gets out and can use this as a rallying cry with the black community-- if its the latter than we're back in 1980.

    More problematic is that now you have given Steinberg more attention than he otherwise would have been given.

    I probably could have summed up my response with: don't buy the Sun-Times and I completely disagree.

  • In reply to Marksallen:

    Thanks for your comments and your points are well taken.

  • Wow, Neil Steinberg is really breaking it down on your own Facebook page.
    Don't go out like that, don't let the white boy punk you.

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