Arrest & Suspect In Killing Of Chicago Police Officer David Blake Doesn't Pass The Smell Test!

Me and my family reside on this not very popular block of Seipp Street and a usually quiet area was shocked that a Chicago Police Officer David Blake was killed on street that you do not get to by accident, you have to come to this street on purpose. So as a media person as well as a local resident, I and others have calling for more response from law enforcement officials with regard to some closure, but today's announcement that a suspect has finally been charged has raised more questions than answers.  This has got to be the most baffling outcomes that in no way comes close to the information being provided by "police sources" and "anonymous" sources to various local media. I have NEVER seen these many sources with the detail that they were providing be more wrong when you hear what Police Chief Weis outlined in his news conference. What the hell happened? How could all these "sources" be so wrong?? We may have to accept it, unless the suspect decides to talk to reporters and "tell all" about how he ended up as the suspect, or some news entity with the resources continues to dig into all the reports that have be given "off the record" and get at the real truth, or we may just have to accept this closure, move on, but knowing in our gut that this arrest does not pass the smell test at all.

Police Chief Weis indicated that he was limiting the specific details, but if he limits the details then that will only add to the confusion, shock and deeper curiosity in that this arrest and suspect in NO WAY fits the details and scenario's that the media and community activists have been fed about this case since the killing of Officer Blake. Without being offensive to the family of Officer Black, I dare not publicly repeat the "intimate" details that "sources" have been giving to media and community leaders surrounding the case, especially if we are going to have to accept that this case has been successfully resolved with the scenario that is now being given by law enforcement officials as the facts.

This will be a case that will go down in my 38 year public service career when these many "sources" whose information "off the record" for the most part has always been proven when the public results were finally released, but in this case all of these sources were absolutely wrong, and unbelievable! So unless this suspect talks, then this case is over, resolved, and solved with a brand new set of facts other than the ones we have been led to believe, but I like other media, activists, community leaders and others will forget the intimate details we were given regarding this case, and will have to live with the fact that while it may technically be resolved, it doesn't pass the smell test. Yep, this stinks!!

I and others publicly called for this case to be solved, and I guess we should be happy that it has been "solved" with an arrest. Seems though as if Police Chief Jody Weis was playing catch-up with his press conference with detail s released on this arrest by The Cook County States Attorney. I know it must be odd for reporters to report the facts that are now being given, versus what they had been led to believe, for I know personally it is difficult for me to watch the news reports today versus what I was being told previously were the facts. This does not pass the smell test. It stinks!

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