The South Street Journal Newspaper Endorses Cohen For Illinois Governor

The South Street Journal
newspaper published its endorsement of the Cohen-Swilley Independent Campaign
for Governor and Lt. Governor. The paper's editor, Ron Carter, exclaimed, "The Cohen / Swilley vote is an earned support of
confidence, that the State of Illinois can have the ability to represent the
best interest of the people, rather than special interest". The paper urged its
readers to vote for Cohen/Swilley.
The Associate Editor of The
South Street Journal Newspaper is veteran Black political activist and
Community Organizer Mark S. Allen, who stated that "Cohen and Swilley
have aggressively campaigned in Black grassroots communities and among
constituent groups that to this date, have not been reached out and
touched by The Quinn Campaign, so they have earned grassroots people's
support, and they actually invested funds into real people to do real
organizing and not just in major media buys. These groups were
originally Quinn supporters that the Quinn campaign just took for
granted and they have a right to show that they have options in their
support for the Cohen/Swilley ticket."

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