Why Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr Never Has And Never Will Be A Final Candidate For Chicago Mayor

I know that I am not one of the major political pundits that the mainstream media and our much higher paid political insiders are supposed to know, but since 1995 and EVERY two years since his first election to Congress, I have written a political analysis of "Why Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr Would NOT be a candidate for Mayor of Chicago,"  LONG BEFORE his current political challenges that the mainstream media and political pundits enjoy even debating yet today as why Jackson will not be a Chicago Mayoral candidate.   My analysis every two years since Congressman Jackson was first elected  in 1995 and now 15 years later is based upon what "candidate" Jackson told me when he asked me to be one of his Senior Campaign Strategists for his first election to Congress in 1995.

Candidate Jackson and our Campaign management committee in 1995, along with the counsel and approval of Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr and all agreed upon that I would author a campaign statement with the help of Campaign Co-Manager Frank Watkins,  that would address Jesse Jackson Jr critics that he was too young,  that Jackson Jr was a candidate that was "young enough to serve long enough," to benefit all of us, not just in Chicago but across the country.

When I approached Jackson Jr about how so many thought that his candidacy could propel him to Chicago Mayor or other political seats, and back in 1995 Jackson Jr shows me this chart that he developed as to WHY his candidacy and election to Congress was set to make history if he could serve at least 20 years. Jackson, Jr said "Mark, look at this chart," and the chart showed that most members of Congress were 60 years of age or older, and he said that in 20 years most of the current members of Congress would either be retired or dead, and that he was elected young enough to be the historic first Black to be Speaker Of The House!!  Jackson Jr told me that being from Chicago AND Speaker of The House would put him in the most powerful position to not just take care of directing funds to Chicago but to Black and poor areas across the country! After I studied the chart and listened to Jackson, Jr, I believed what he said about his track to be the first Black Speaker of The House!!

Now I figured and believed in 1995, and know from then until today that in order to be the historic first Black Speaker of The U.S. House that you cannot break that seniority line to be Mayor of Chicago.  But I have issued and published this same scenario since1995 about "Why Jesse Jackson Jr Would Not Be A Candidate For Mayor of Chicago, and for 15 years it has been ignored by our major media and political pundits.  As I stated before, I have taken this position for every two years since Jackson's first election until today in 2010.

So, in this one mans opinion as a veteran activist of over 37 years, but as one who worked DIRECTLY with The Jackson Political Family and for Jackson Jr specifically, believed Jackson Jr's story and chart back when he showed me in 1995 that if he could serve 20 years, that all roads led to him being the historic first Black Speaker of The U.S. House.

BECAUSE of my personal history with Jesse Jackson Jr;  what he told and showed me with his 1995 chart to the position of him being the first Black U.S. Speaker that I will always reject these current political analysis that Jackson , Jr's reasons for not being a Chicago Mayoral candidate today is because of his current political problems when I have said long before Jackson Jr's current political problems that NO issue or dialogue in the end would STOP the ongoing ascension of Jesee Jackson's Jr's track to have rthe seniority to be the first Black to be U.S. Speaker.  In that light and scenario, and after all this current "symbolic" debate over Jesse Jackson Jr's not being a Chicago Mayoral candidate, check how far he is if he survives this upcoming election for Congress, and where his Seniority now stands to being the historic first Black  Speaker of the U.S. House if he survives this upcoming re-election.

BUT BECAUSE of the 1995 track is why I have written today as to WHY in the end, Jesse Jackson Jr has never been and never would be a final Candidate for Mayor Of Chicago, and THIS BEFORE Jackson Jr's current problems as the justification..






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