Veteran Black Activist/Journalist Mark Allen Offers Analysis & Direction For Chicago Gang Leadership Meeting, Media & Leadership Responses

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Veteran Black Activist/Journalist Mark Allen Offers Analysis & Direction For Chicago Gang Leadership Meeting, Media & Leadership Responses

Characterizations and Reporting Full Of Mixed Messages and Misinformation, but on this historic day of International Peace Talks, Chicago should be following that model locally with its own peace talks

"Today on the one hand we watched national and international leadership and media outlets providing live "team" coverage and "accolades" to President Barack Obama and Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton bring together various world leaders whose members and supporters have been directly responsible for the killing of thousands and thousands of innocent people, trying to get them to talk face-to-face with the others leaders AND with our highest levels of United States Government Officials to find peace and stop the killing -- This is being reported as commendable??? --- That's National

While LOCALLY in Chicago, we are now witnessing an absolute frenzy from the media, community residents, our local government officials and political leaders when the thought of duplicating what President Obama and Secretary Of State Clinton are doing today trying to meet and communicate directly with leaders trying to find peace for their history and current battles for recognition and turf also result in unnecessary, senseless acts of violence and death.  The message is that this peace effort is applaudable at the national level but out to be damned at the local level?

When many of these same "gang" leadership and organizations obtained their legitimate community development organization status, and further obtained "green job" certification, yet they continue to FAIL at getting the public and private support for their desire to take those same gang members that are involved in illegal street economies and now support them in creating local green jobs through using longtime vacant empty lots and land in the Black and poor communities for community gardens, landscaping businesses and jobs?? Gang leaders and at-risk youth have identified a way to put a few thousand of their members and former members away from the selling of drugs into the selling of fruits and vegetables, and if these efforts to do something legal is not supported, then that must mean that we would rather they continue with their illegal and life-threatening economies.

If all those gang leaders had a united message today that the root of their members street battles and violence are the result of trying to resolve desperate economic conditions, then why don't our Police Chief, Mayor, Federal and others think outside of the box and figure out a way to resolve an economic problem with an "economic" solution. Instead of the threats of how many innovative ways can be found to lock people up, why not innovative ways to put people to work? Do we want a solution or not? If President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can do this at the national and international levels, then WHY can we not do the same thing at the local level??

Many gang members have participated in so many local community and political marches and other activities with Chief Weis, Mayor Daley, Governor Quinn and ALL political leaders, so it is silly for  many of them to be issuing these press statements disassociating themselves from gang members. During the recent Bud Billiken Parade, some of these political leaders ask if those they allowed to march with them in the parade if they had any gang affiliations? Of course not for I and others watched many known gang members trying to show they could be in something positive by joining the marchers of many of the elected officials and politicians in the Bud Billiken Parade, and they felt good that the elected officials and politicians shook their hands and asked for their votes, BUT did NOT ask their gang affiliation.

Known gang members attended the Governor Quinn Bill Signing at Chicago's Cole Park. Known Gang members regularly march and attend vigils with Chief Weis, news CAPS Director Ronald Holt, and I know that I spoke directly with Ronald Holt about having a street meeting and he agreed, and I know that Wallace "Gator" Bradley spoke DIRECTLY to Mayor Daley about a meeting and Bradley said that Mayor Daley looked him right in the eye and said he would be willing to meet with our Stop The Violence Grassroots Leaders Coalition. So In Chicago, Mayor Daley is President Obama and Ronald Holt is The Secretary Of State, Wallace "Gator" Bradley is the "Urban Translator" that can help convene current and former gang "street" organization leaders and help them understand the process, and I will continue to provide my leadership through The Black Leadership Development Institute, BLDI as one who has rapport with street leaders as well as leaders of business, civic, media, religious, and community organizations,  so I am again calling for an immediate meeting at the local level with leaders for peace at the local level,  just as President Obama and Hillary Clinton are being applauded for today bringing together world leaders meeting face-to-face trying to find peace.

Todays example should be the model that is fitting to follow in Chicago today. Talking "to" each other and not "at" each other. We are just an attitude away from common ground for peace.



Why does Chief Weis, Mayor Daley, and other leaders and media always issue press statements after each march, prayer vigil, and after violence acts saying "What Are The Solutions,?" and yet when programs ARE announced that could help deter young people from the criminal elements, ABSOLUTELY NO PRESS COVERAGE. We provide and watch "team" coverage of the violence and death, but why not the same when the call is answered with concrete proposals with "solutions.?" It's hypocritical to provide media coverage of the calls for "What Are The Solutions,?" yet not provide the same coverage when the solutions are presented."

We are so accustomed to the convenient labeling of most Chicago violence as "gang related" that Chief Weis is NOT listening to these gang leaders who have repeatedly tried to tell Chief Weis and all that so much of todays local violence if far beyond those who they try to labels as these organizations membership or affiiliations, and again, Wallace "Gator" Bradley through his "urban translator" pieces and my regular reports and blogs have also repeatedly reported that the desperate economic conditions in Black and poor communities are generating so many individuals and renegades groups that find themselves battling to survive over illegal street economies, yet Weis and others continually and unfairly report and people believe that so much of this crime, drugs and other illegal street economies are NOT connected to the "gang" leaders and organizations that Weis and others keep reporting and holding people accountable for. If Weis and the Mayor would just meet and LISTEN, we would have a foundation for peace. Follow the lead of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Sit down, meet, listen, and come to some innovative ways for peace.

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