Tonight is Chicago's Veterans Benefit Concert Featuring The Legendary Temptations Review w/Dennis Edwards and More !

TODAY IS The 3rd of September, Chicago Benefit Veterans Concert Featuring The Legendary Temptations Review w/Dennis Edwards and - also featuring Harold Melvin's BlueNotes and The Intruders!




Legendary Temptations Review w/Dennis Edwards Highlight Benefit Veterans Concert In Chicago Friday September 3rd -
also featuring Harold Melvin's BlueNotes and The

S. Allen, Local Ambassador, Associate Editor, The South Street Journal
Newspaper (Office) 312-624-8351 (Mobile) 773-392-0165

MDC Productions (


Dennis Muhammad, President/CEO




The legendary Temptations Review featuring Dennis Edwards,
Harold Melvin's Blue Notes, and The Intruders highlight a special
benefit concert for underserved veterans, Friday September 3rd at 7:00
PM at the new Emil & Patricia Jones Convocation Center at Chicago State University.
I am pleased and humbled that Dennis Muhammad, President/CEO of MDC
Productions has asked me to be one the local ambassadors to help
promote and generate grassroots support for this show in the community.
Many people in the grassroots community can never afford to attend many
concerts like this for they are outside of the community and even when
in Chicago arae venues ticket prices are averaged at $60-$100 or more
along with high prices for food and parking, but this is truly based
for the grassroots community to afford with ticket prices at $35 and
$45 for the main floor!!


Music is a healing source for many, and the surveys that MDC Production conducted among veterans suggested that The Temptations
are at the top of the list of groups, so based on those wishes of
veterans, MDC Productions put together this dynamic event with this
star-studded show with The Temptations featuring Dennis Edwards, Harold
Melvin's Bluenotes and The Intruders. Again, this magnificent show only
costs $35 to $45 per ticket and MDC Productions is appealing to our
leaders, corporate leadership, our civic leadership, our government
leadership and our political leadership to support this cause by coming
out themselves but especially by purchasing tickets to be given away to
our soldiers who are active and have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and those who have served in the past.


President Dennis Muhammad has publicly pledged that "Purchasing tickets
will place your name in our ad book as one of the patriots who
supported the patriotic." To obtain or complete a pledge/commitment
form for purchasing tickets, or if you have the additional capacity for
sponsorship or advertisement, please call the MDC Productions hotline
at 773-752-5725 or go on-line at Tickets are also available at the box office of The Jones Convocation Center, Chicago State University, 9501 South King Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60628


of our veterans have experienced physical, mental, and spiritual
afflictions that only a person in combat would understand. MDC
Productions is again proud, humbled, and honored to bring a production
of this magnitude that will re-open the great memories to our known and
unknown heroes, and to our veterans who have served our country so
well, so that we Americans can enjoy our freedoms and democracy. So
join us in this great celebration of this benefit concert with these
groups and music that is so much a part of our history and legendary
status like Dennis Edwards and his Temptations Revue, Harold Melvin's
Bluenotes, and The Intruders, Friday, September 3rd at 7PM at Chicago State University with these affordable ticket prices of just $35-$45 and right in the community.!!


personal and public thanks again to Dennis Muhammad, President /CEO of
MDC Productions for choosing me to serve as one the local ambassadors
for this magnificent, star-studded show, and its most worthy cause of
providing much needed resources to so many of our underserved veterans.


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