South Street Journal Supports The WVON/N'DIGO Chicago Mayoral Candidate Selection and Issues Poll Now !


Thank you to Hermene Hartman, veteran educator, activist and publisher of N'DIGO Magapaper and Melody Spann-Cooper, President of the historic Black/Talk Radio Station WVON-AM 1690 for being the latest of our key Black leadership to help follow the process of allowing grassroots people and other voices to be a part of shaping the selection process and the issues that shape the final agenda of the Mayoral candidate from the Black community!

As I blogged last week, I challenged our collective leadership, especially those that played a role like I did in the candidate selection and Black and grassroots agenda of Chicago Mayor Harold Washington -- the only successful formula that a Black candidate actually won and a Black and grassroots agenda was adopted and showed real signs of progress and empowerment. While some will argue that polling people by e-mail is unscientific, these same unscientific means still laid the foundation for ordinary people to have their say in who the candidate will eventually be, and most importantly grassroots organizers and ordinary individuals had their say and saw themselves and their constituent issues in the shaping of the Mayoral candidates agenda. This current poll gives thousands of organizers and individuals that opportunity again.

Twenty-one years ago I was a youth organizer for the late Lu Palmer's Chicago Black United Communities (CBUC) and The Task Force For Black Political Empowerment organizations and a key part of soliciting the input of youth in the candidate selection and agenda setting process, and was later humbled to be placed out front by our elder leaders as one of the official youth coordinators of the '83 Campaign of Harold Washington. Twenty-one years later as a former talk show host and producer from WVON-AM, a veteran community activist and Associate Editor of The South Street Journal Newspaper, I am humbled to have been contacted by Hermene Hartman and asked to step up again and help to solicit the input of others in polling candidates and developing "agenda" priorities that ordinary people can "see" their input into the process.! This process is SO critical when we try to hear from those constituent voices that have not voted in over 21 years for a Mayoral candidate and if they see themselves and their input again will that get them actively and systematically involved.

As of this writing, there were less than 200 participants in the candidate and agenda polling and I hope that our help at the grassroots level will get us to at least 1,000 responses by this Friday, so today I start with distributing this link to a grassroots e-mail base of over 20,000 names !!! And for once in an important process as this, these 20,000 names of grassroots e-mail contacts have never been contacted by any major news media agency, but for us at the grassroots level, their input is critical to us and this and this process, and will publicly reported where the ordinary people again will SEE themselves and their input, and hopefully that will help us get thousands of voters back into this upcoming Chicago Mayoral election process of 2011.

Okay organizers, activists and all who read this blog and one of the 20,000 getting this link today, also have lists of their own to share the link, so there is no way that we should not have at least 1,000 responses by this Friday !!! Lets this phase or the "organizing" begin !!

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