Ronald Holt, New Chicago CAPS Director Responds To Proposed Peace Meeting With Mayor Daley Initiated by Wallace "Gator" Bradley and Mark Allen

Ronald Holt, New Chicago Chicago Alternative Policing Strategies (CAPS) Director Responds To Proposed Peace Meeting With Mayor Daley Initiated by Wallace "Gator" Bradley, The Urban Translator, and Veteran Activist/journalist Mark Allen

Date: Monday, September 6, 2010, 4:32 PM

Hi All:

Should and when this meeting becomes a reality let's remember
that everyone's opinion steeped in ideas for attainable programmatic,
social, educational and economic solutions should be respected which
will set a diplomatic tone for a healthy and collaborative conversation
that will move us to action, intervention and prevention.

Ronald Holt


CAPS Implementation Office

Chicago Police Department

(312) 745-5900

Ronald Holt -- Thank you for your response, interest, plus personal and
professional stakeholder in the crime intervention and prevention piece.
You should know that YOUR NAME was the first name that was submitted to
the Mayor's office as a very much needed participant in our proposed
new innovative peace process. Wallace "Gator" Bradley and I have been in
CONSTANT communication  with you since your appointment with regard to
your perceived and and necessary role in this process. And I have sent
you HOW MANY e-mails and voice messages with ongoing updates on the need
for not only this process, but the need for you to have a major
leadership role, in major part because of the rapport and TRUST you have
earned that to date has not been given to Police Chief Weis, yet we all have a collective role and responsibility.

 So with your
personal e-mail today suggests to me, is that you have formally accepted
your role in this
pre-planning process before we have the formal meeting with The Mayor
and his designees, but as Gator and I stated some  time ago -- it make
no sense for national leaders to be able to meet with our U.S.
President and Government leaders to seek peace and we cant do the same at the local
level. I will personally contact you on Tuesday. In this local process, Mayor Daley is President, and YOU are our Secretary of State ! (Mark S. Allen)

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