Rev. Jesse Jackson Says "If Weis Can't Earn His Pay In Decreasing Violence, then pay those who say they can"

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Saturday, after the live radio broadcast had ended Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr made additional comments with regard to the State of Emergency that faces Chicago with regard to the rise in crime, and the inability it seems for Chicago Police Chief Jody Weisandn his team to get a handle on the root causes of the violence and then a working crime intervention and prevention plan. Specifically with reference to negative comments made by new Police and Fire Chairman Alderman Beale and other critics when former gang members say they should be paid to go back into the communities to do crime prevention. Rev. Jackson said "If we are paying Chief Weis $300,000 to lead a team that is not getting the job done, then why not pay the people who say that can do a better job at crime intervention and prevention."?

Rev. Jackson said that Cheif Weis has made a regular habit of announcing new initiatives every few months about how they will all help reduce the rise in the violence and then comes back and explains how they did not work, and we have to stop keeping paying so much of taxpayers money to Weis and his team if the end product is ineffective.

I think that part of Weis problem is he doe not listen to suggestions from people outside of his own inner circle and now with the appointment of Ronald Holt as new CAPS Director, even Holt seems to be following Weis example of distancing himself from community organizers like Wallace "Gator" Bradley, myself and others who have been trying for months to work out an operational relationship that we think could actively and systematically reduce the rise in violence and death in our poor and urban areas.

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