Momentum For Scott Lee Cohen As He Registers at 14% by CNN/Times Illinois Gubernatorial Poll

Contact: John E. Davis September 29, 2010

Media Spokesman

Scott Lee Cohen-Independent Candidate for Governor of Illinois

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Chicago - Scott Lee Cohen, the Independent Candidate for Governor of Illinois, says the latest CNN/Times poll that shows him with 14% of those surveyed is an encouraging sign for his campaign.

"We're obviously pleased with these latest poll results," says Cohen. " It proves that our independent campaign is catching on and resonating with the voters".

Cohen believes that voters are particularly draw to the central message of his campaign which is, "Finding real jobs for real people."

"My message is clear. I am not a career politician but I do believe I am the right person to fix this financial mess that career politicians, from both the Democratic and Republican parties, have gotten us into."

Cohen says he's even more encouraged because this is one of the first polls that included his name as a potential option for voters.

"Everywhere we go on this campaign", notes Cohen, "those same potential voters tell us that they are fed up with the "business as usual attitude" in Springfield and that they want to see a change in leadership. We not only believe that our campaign holds the key to the budget deficit, but it also holds the key to the leadership deficit, as well."

Cohen concludes that while some in established political circles and others in major media have attempted to write off his gubernatorial bid, he says this latest CNN/Times poll shows that the voters are not. "We still have a month left in this campaign," says Cohen, " And with the momentum that we are seeing, we believe that we will close the gap on both Quinn and Brady."


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