Mark Allen, Wallace "Gator" Bradley Meet With Chicago Mayor Daley's Representatives On New Peace Proposals

Veteran Black Community/Political Activists/Organizers, Mark S. Allen and Wallace "Gator" Bradley met with two key representatives of Chicago Mayor Richard Daleys Cabinet on new and innovative ways to address the issues of crime intervention and prevention, which will be followed up by a meeting that Mayor Daley himself promised to meet with Bradley and his United In Peace Coalition. (In recent posts, I have posted the photo's of the most recent Daley/Bradley conversation) The Mayor in recent days has publicly stated that he is willing to meet with anybody and everybody that has strong sentiments and abilities to help reduce the rise in acts of violence and death specifically in Black and poor neighborhoods. The Mayors representatives meting with Allen and Bradley were Ronald Holt, new director of CAPS (Chicago Alternative Policing Strategies,) and Chistopher Mallette, Director of Community Safety Initiatives.

One of the key questions brought to Bradley and Allen was "what makes our proposals different" from so many other prior proposals as well as current and ongoing crime intervention efforts and crime is still rising.  Bradley and Allen both responded boldly in that the difference is that we are not coming just to make recommendations and watch other people come into the community and try to implement them, but the proposals that we are making come WITH US as active and systematic parts of the planning and implementation that has never happened before in City Government. If Mayor Daley says that he does not not mind thinking outside the box with new proposals then he should be thinking now that we are not just coming to make recommendations and go home, but want to be directly involved in the hands on leadership that our collective organizer histories have proven.

Far too many of the crime intervention and prevention efforts have come from the top-down, and not from the bottom-up, and we must take these United In Peace Initiatives along with The Black Leadership Development Institute, BLDI and let the people "on the ground" finally have a management and direction say other than "advisory" and hired on the end of a process that they do not control.  This is the first time in along time the they key organizers of a proposal like this just don't want to make a strategic proposal that they cant follow through on as stakeholders.

Allen and Bradley also stressed that these new grassroots recommendations that they made to Holt and Mallette and will also make directly to Mayor Daley should be implemented under new innovative strategies under CAPS and the leadership of Ronald Holt. As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was allowed to do on an International level at bringing together the real stakeholders in International peace, that Ronald Holt be empowered as Chicago's local "Secretary of State" and bring together grassroots stakeholders under CAPS.

And curious observers who spotted Allen and Bradley coming from Mayor Daleys 4th Floor Offices of Community Safety, asking for details, we respond that those details are between those of us in the room, and then directly to Mayor Daley, and then hopefully we can bring these new initiatives from the suites to the streets and help stop the violence, and also bring some players to the table that should have been back here a long time ago as stakeholders and not advisors or observers. If it works for President Obama and Hillary Clinton at bring together peace internationally, then its got to be a model we can follow locally for peace with Chicago Mayor Daley, Chistopher Mallette and under the overall banner of CAPS, for the Allen-Bradley proposals are new and innovative ways of bringing together a tighter collaborative of existing efforts and many missing links "on the ground."

We're waiting on the summary of the meetings and proposals from the Mayors people and then bringing those specific recommendations directly in a meeting with Mayor Daley.

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