Mainstream Media Disrepects Announced Black Chicago Mayoral Candidates

Media Disrepects Announced Black Chicago Mayoral Candidates

Attorney Christopher Cooper and former aide to the late Chicago Mayor Harold Washington, William "Dock" Walls, publicly announced their candidacies for Chicago Mayor prior to the announcement from Mayor Daley that he was not running, yet the mainstream media are reporting almost "exclusively," the names of the candidates who are now announcing for Mayor while totally ignoring the candidacies of Cooper and Walls.

Then some media are now reporting a scheduled Chicago Mayoral Strategy being hosted by Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr at Rainbow/PUSH this Saturday and they mention the names of possible candidacies being considered, and again, have excluded the names of Cooper and Walls. That is not Fairness In Media Reporting. Why should not the candidates who announced for Mayor when they may have faced Daley, get fair coverage from candidates who only dared to announce their candidacies after Daley announced he was not going to be a candidate.

Whether we like the candidacies of Cooper and Walls, they dared to become candidates and would have faced what many expected to be an unbeatable Daley but there they were as announced candidates and ready to face that election day, and I think they deserve recognition as these new candidates now surface with all kinds of reasons to justify why they could better run this City, but kept all this genius and desires locked in and not do like Cooper and Walls in announcing their candidacies with a possible opponent..

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