Governor Quinn's Press Conference Tuesday, September 28th Announcing Jobs Program Extension

From: The Black Leadership Development Institute, BLDI
Mark S. Allen, Founder/President
312-624-8351 or cell 773-392-0165
--Dear Community Leaders/Activists and Community Partners and the Workers Participating in the Put Illinois To Work Program (PITW)

Governor Quinn has invited Community Partners and workers who are participating in the Put Illinois To Work Program to a press conference on Tuesday, September 28th, annoucing the extension of the program until the end of November.

Although not the full VICTORY sought by advocates, a VICTORY nevertheless while advocates continue to urge continued implementation and expansion of this successful jobs program.

The September 30th extension to November 30th that Governor Quinn is announcing on Tuesday, September 28th is being publicly credited to The Illinois State Legislature, for it was The State Legislators who supported this current extension, and the federal legislative bill with the TANF Emergency Funds to extend the program past November is still in the U.S. Congress and has NOT been voted upon to extend the "Put Illinois To Work" program past November.


A.I.  Industries - 4015 W. Carroll St., Chicago.

NO RSVP REQUIRED! JUST SHOW-UP AT 1:00 P.M. w/Press Conference Starting at 1:30 PM


Michelle R.B. Saddler
Chief of Staff
of Governor Pat Quinn
Cell: 312-814-8466


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