CNN News Anchor TJ Holmes Snaps On Air, Cuts Off Interview With Wallace "Gator" Bradley On Chicago Gang and Violence Issue

CNN News Anchor TJ Holmes Snaps On Air, Cuts Off Interview With Wallace "Gator" Bradley On Chicago Gang and Violence Issue

On this past Saturday September 4th at 9:40 AM (CST) I watched along with the world how CNN News Anchor TJ Holmes snapped on then air, lost his cool, and abruptly,pulled his earpiece out of his ear, said "thats it,"  cut off his interview with Chicago's Wallace "Gator" Bradley, former gang member, now urban translator.!! I would say go to the link, but in this case I have not seen Holmes or CNN post their significant interviews for people to see and comment on.

CNN's TJ Holmes made it clear to his audience and Wallace Bradley that he personally was not pleased with the responses that Bradley gave to Holmes questioning from the very beginning of the interview. I have watched TJ Holmes do many interview with various expersts and never go off on them, pull his earpiece out of his ear to not hear the guest and just cut them off, but I sure did on this one Holmes did with Gator Bradley, but as a Chicago grassroots organizer totally familiar with the subject matter of the interview, I was happy to hear Mr. Bradley be involved because he could certain help clear up what many media has been misrepresenting, BUT TJ Holmes would not have it. !! He wanted Gator Bradley to certify what the Chicago Police Department had released that "60% of Chicago's violent crime was being committed by known Chicago street gangs," and Gator Bradley refused by telling Holmes that "the reason I thought I was on your program was to tell you the truth in that the majority of Chicago street violence is NOT being done by those that Weis and media keep conveniently using as "gang-related" sources of majority of Chicago street violence when we have seen with our own eyes that there are individuals, renegade and start up groups that are not affiliated with those existing gang leaders, but AGAIN, TJ Holmes was not having it !!

CNN's TJ Holmes does have a right to his personal opinion, but as an anchor whose producer has received "advance" information of the subject matter and points attempting to be made by the guest, TJ Holmes just went off and took advantage of every time that Gator Bradley too a breath and shot in with his opposition to the points being made by Bradley. This is a delicate moment in our history and in order to deal with them we need factual information but in this case, (If CNN would post the 9-4 interview) you will see that CNN's TJ Holmes just lost it and would not allow Wallace "Gator" Bradley to present the views of why Chicago gang leaders had certain positions and how they justified their facts. One of the reasons why they call Bradley the "urban translator" is that he can successfully translate the issues of what is happening in the streets among people that the Police or media can reach and relay it to officials and media, but TJ Holmes took out his earpeace and said he was cutting Wallace "Gator" Bradley for trying to present his analysis -- an analysis that TJ Holmes did not agree with and abruptly cut of his communication with Bradley and discontinued the interview.

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