Chicago Mayor Daley's Decision Not To Run For Re-Election Is Good For Hundreds Of Thousands Of Chicago's Non-Voters

For the past 20 years, over 300,000 registered voters in Black and poor communities have not voted for Chicago Mayor Daley, nor any Black candidate who has ever ran against Mayor Daley, so todays decision by Chicago's Mayor Daley not to seek reelection opens up the door for hundreds of thousands of Black and poor voters to see a new core of candidates to choose from, and to see if any of these new Chicago Mayoral Candidates will finally adopt an agenda that truly lifts up the least of Chicago's citizens in Black and poor Wards.

Now how will the 300,000 Black and poor voters know that there agenda is important when todays major media analysis has shown us the same political analysts being interviewed, the same call for local ministers to meet, and the same "noted" political leaders offering their respective spins on the candidate of their choice, yet no one has to this point even mentioned what Daleys decision means to if this will now activate the Black and poor people whose agenda's have been basically ignored by Mayor Daley and the major Black candidates over the past 20 years. With this current response and choice of analysts and constituent leaders to Daley's decision not to run has in no way has touched the surface or if anyone even cares if over 300, 000 Black and poor people's agenda even count. Today we have watched a media frenzy of the same political leaders and the same political pundits who in over 20 years have offered no answer to how to address why over 300,00 Black and poor Chicago voters have seen no reason to come out and vote for Daley or any of the previous Black challengers.

Today, NOT ONE major media outlet, not even Black media has interviewed any political reporters of any of the lesser known media outlets that cover grassroots constituencies their opinion; no interviews of constituent leaders who represent grassroots Black and poor people' issues; just a constant selection of the same old, same old. This Daley decision needs to open up a process of new voices from areas systematically ignored by our established media and political leaders for the past 20 years. We have come to adjust and accept Chicago as a city of the "haves" and "have-nots" and whomever dares to say they want to be a Mayor of ALL the people have yet to say anything about how the "have-nots" will finally have voice, now that Daley is going.

In over 20 years the masses of Black people have adjusted and accepted that even though Chicago was long been a majority Black population we hear the annual report from Mayor Daley and explained by Black officials why Chicago never been able to generate more than 10% of Black contracts, while yet watching Black and urban poor continually turn to illegal street economies where the street battles are increasingly violent and deadly. Repeated proposals from Black grassroots groups for local job creation go ignored and those that are funded are always the first to be cut in jobs and services in Black and poor communities. And now that at-risk Black and poor youth have taken those street battles into more affluent Chicago neighborhoods and those who represent the "best of the community" are being robbed, hurt and killed, a new state of alarm, unfortunately its still a class divide.

If we as a Chicago Black community as a core do not come together across leadership lines of class and a new sense of voices, leadership, and agendas of the least of our people, the loss of Mayor Daley means nothing other than business as usual where Black people are majority of a city but in no way receiving majority of benefits this City has to offer. And what an insult to the majority Black constituency to be inundated with the prospects of White House Chief Of Staff Rahm Emanuel as a front runner, and he has not had any contact with the grassroots Black community but already being positioned as being able to be Mayor without even contacting grassroots Black leadership and if he says he has, then be assured that it is with the exact same class of leaders that already represent the class divide.

As an activist, and grassroots journalist it is my job not to get caught up in the the jockeying of individual leaders and officials but to reach out to the grassroots organizers of organizations that represent the locked out, the disenfranchised, that their voices, leadership, and most of all their agenda gets lifted up in who would be the candidate for Mayor has to adopt that would get over 300,000 people from Black and poor constituencies back to the polls in 2011.

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  • if 300,000 black people will not vote, whose fault is that but their own ?

    too many excuses....

  • DM -- Thanks again for your comments.

    I did not place fault, but wanted to know what made these many people who once voted, not vote for Mayor in 20 years.

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