Chicago Mayor Daley Greets Wallace "Gator" Bradley & Responds To Bradley/Allen Meeting Request For September 10th?


Attached is a photo of Wallace "Gator" Bradley being greeted by Chicago Mayor Richard
Daley at Chicago's Cole Park at a recent legislative bill signing by Governor Quinn and according to Bradley (and can be confirmed by Mayor Daley) that the Mayor was positively responding to the request that the Mayor consider meeting with a Stop The Violence/Community Empowerment Coalition of veteran grassroots organizers led by Bradley and veteran activist/journalist Mark Allen. in which the group had been working on a generation-to-generation message of Stopping the violence that started with direct messages from elder leaders Larry Hoover and Malik Jeff Fort in which was working with hundreds of current and street organizations and young followers., but as so many street organizers have repeatedly tried unsuccessfully for media, police, and some community members to believe is that despite the elder and youth that have been following the peace messages that there are so many individuals, renegade organizations, new start-ups involved in illegal street
activities and violence that have no formal connection to the established organizations that the police and media would like to continue to report with their convenient "gang-related" labeling.

Mark Allen states that "On Friday September 3, Gator called and said that the Mayors scheduling office had communicated that there could be possible meting on September 10th and for me to begin to prepare a specific agenda and outline to show how we have identified innovative ways to engage the renegade groups and others with crime intervention and preventio9n strategies and how we have identified an immediate plan that could immediately put several thousand at-risk youth and adults to work and away from the lure of the gang, drug, and other illegal street economies they have all been battling over. WE have an economic solution to an economic problem to start for current and former established street gang members as well as attracting those from all these renegade groups and individuals who all claim that the root of their street violence is trying to resolve their desperate economic conditions. We do have a plan, if we could talk "to" the Mayor and others and not "at" the Mayor and others who say they want ways to stop the violence."

President Obama and Secretary of State are receiving world accolades for bringing together world leaders for peace to stop the violence of innocent middle east citizens and young people, and we insist that local leaders be applauded for trying to do the same thing. Jody Weis may have gotten this dialogue started but our collective leadership has to talk together for successful follow up. It wont happen no mother way for middle east peace and it wont happen no other way for local peace. Lets the talks ( and results ) begin. At this delicate moment in our current history, I am nervous yet humbled that Wallace "Gator" Bradley and some others have sought my leadership to help guide us all through this transformation process.  We have a unique opportunity not to come together to find more ways to arrest and jail people, but how to put them back to work with legitimate income and not drawn to and back into the gang, drug, and other illegal street economies where those fights for economic survival is killing far to many of our youth.

And again, Chief Weis, Mayor Daley and others MUST LISTEN and HEAR the truth about all these loose individuals, renegade groups and others where no identification is being made, but by not providing the crime intervention and prevention efforts at them, we are allowing a whole next level of street organizations to develop and build stronger organizations like the street gangs by continuing to attribute over 60% of this Chicago violence to the existing street gang organizations they know.

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