Link of Larry Hoover, Jr and Wallace "Gator" Bradley WGCI-FM Interview on New Gang Intervention To Stop The Violence

For the past several months Wallace "Gator" Bradley and I, along with others like former gang member, now Minister Jeff Allen, Jerry "Fort" Robinson, son of Malik Jeff Fort, and Larry Hoover, Jr as well as hundreds of other community activists have been working trying to reach descendants and former followers of elder gang members trying to get them to help spread a new message on stopping the violence, a message to the streets that many had spread directly from Larry Hoover and Malik Jeff Fort, and most succesfull reports of our efforts have gone unreported by maninstream media and many current Black religious and community leaders.

And even though hundreds of us had participated in Stop The Violence Rallies with Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr and others at Rainbow/PUSH broadcast and meetings, State of Emergency Press conferences in Cole Park prior to the death of Officer Thomas Wortham IV and other efforts., and we have partcipated in community marches with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, Chicago Police Chief Jody Weis, new CAPS Director Ronald Holt and others, our respective leadership has yet to be able to meet directly with Mayor Daley (although he recently promised Bradley he would) or Polcie Chief Weis, new CAPS DIrector Ronald Holt, and many of the other officials saying that are trying everything they can to help stop the violence.

The attached link is from a recent radio interview on popular radio station WGCI whose morning radio host TOny Sculfield decided to go directly to the source by bringing in Wallace "Gator" Bradley, and Larry Hoover, Jr to talk about their "hands-on" efforts in the streets to spread the message of peace. They also recognized the public voice that I have lent to the movement starting with mentiomning the effort on a national TV interview I did on CNN, FOX Chicago and other media outets.

We continue our efforts to have real meetings with the Mayor, Police Chief Weis, and others to inform them of reports we get directly from the streets as to remedies of violence, including the direct messages that have come directly from elders like Malik Jeff Fort and Larry Hoover.

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