Mark Allen, BLDI Helps Host 2nd Chicago Follow-Up Meeting On Rev. Al Sharpton's 12 Month Action Plan Friday, June 25th

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
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From Mark S. Allen, one of the national community organizers of Rev. Al Sharpton's 12 Month National Action Plan, announcing the 2nd Chicago follow-up meeting delaing with Access To Capital and "Measuring The Movement" of our local organizing efforts to challenge banks, finiancial institutions and elected officials on strengthening Community Reinvestment Act Policies on State Funds and their use to empower local Black and urban grassroots communities. This was one of the key action items presented by national syndicated Radio talk show host Warren Ballentine and NAACP Director Ben Jealous at the National Action Network's Measuring The Movement national TV broadcast.
Mark Allen, and Board member of The Black Wall Street Chicago helped host the first 12 Month Action Plan follow up meeting on May 22nd dealing with the political agenda action items to measure, and now as in his capacity as founder/president of The Black Leadership Development Institute, BLDI, Community Banking Coalition, and Community Reinvestment Organizing Project (COP), Allen will help host this financial forum with reports on measuring the campaign to amend public policies to increase access to capital to Black and Urban communities and this report card to be released on Wednesday will give us clear targets on what banks are doing well and what banks have to be targeted to improve.



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Community Reinvestment Group Presents Report Card on Banking and Lending Accountability

To Illinois Treasurer Chief of Staff Robin Kelly at South Suburban CRA Forum


The Community Reinvestment Organizing Project (COP), a community reinvestment and public policy initiative of the Monroe Foundation and the Ministers Conference of South Suburban Cook County, Inc., will grade state depositories and their commitment to local community reinvestment activities, when the two groups present a "COMMITMENT TO COMMUNITY REINVESTMENT REPORT CARD". The "Report Card" will score several financial institutions that COP leaders have meet with to discuss using the Commitment to Community Reinvestment policy to create community development and financial services opportunities since adoption of the policy that went into effect on June 1, 2009. 


The forum will be held on FRIDAY, JUNE 25th, 10a.m. to 12p.m. at Fifth Third Bank, 174 East 154th Street in Harvey, Illinois.


Robin Kelly, chief of staff to Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, and Democratic nominee for Illinois Treasurer, was an early supported of the COP coalition's CRA policy campaign, and will attend the policy forum and receive the report card.


The "Commitment to Community Reinvestment" CRA policy, revised by the Community Reinvestment Organizing Project (COP), requires financial institutions that receive state deposits and public investments, to commit to a set of community reinvestment principles to leverage those deposits and investments in a manner that creates banking, lending and investment opportunities and benefits that are qualifable through the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 also known as "CRA".


In adopting the policy, Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias stated that financial institutions that do not sign the new policy would not be able to serve as state depositories. Further, Treasurer Giannoulias added a "CRA Compliant Form" on the website of the Treasurer's Office to register complaints and concerns about state depositories that are not acting in good faith to use the policy with community groups and Illinois citizens to provide access to financial services, particularly in economically struggling urban and rural communities.


Rev. Dr. Lewis Flowers, CEO of the Westside Ministers Coalition and Chair of the COP coalition, stated, "We are planning to use this forum to update the community on which state depositories have been responsive to community reinvestment dialogue with our leaders, and encourage others to join in as well as educate communities about getting banks to address local banking, lending and investment needs".


The Community Reinvestment Organizing Project (COP) is funded by grants from the Woods Fund of Chicago and The Field Foundation of Illinois.

FRIDAY, JUNE 25th 2010
Robin Kelly, Chief of Staff to

Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, advocated for adoption of a stronger CRA

Policy for state depositories


Join Us as We Discuss What Have Been the Benefits One Year Later when we launched the campaign in June 2009, and what are targets are starting in June 2010 as part of Rev. Al Sharpton's 12 Month National Plan. We will share the successful Chicago and Illinois plan and new targeting strategies for other key states to use with its financial institutions, elected officials and community organizations, starting with the National Action Network chapters and other supportive community based organziations.

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