Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr, Aldermen Lyle, Alderman Dowell, Father Plfeger, Bill Dock Walls, Mark Allen and over 100 ministers and activists declare Chicago Is In State Of Emergency

Today, Wednesday, May 5th at 12:00 Noon, The Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr led a national press conference at Chicago's Nat King Cole Park on 84th & King Drive with a coalition of over 100 ministers, community activists and residents declaring a Chicago a State of Emergency and called on immediate meetings with Mayor Daley and Governor Quinn and others on the need to find the emergency resources to create more jobs for youth that investing in The National Guard.
Mark Allen veteran political activist/journalist and founder of The Black Leaderrship Development Institute, BLDI organized community leaders with a number of grassroots remedies to empower at-risk youth with safe summer activities and much needed job creation, especially thr proposals from a number iof at-risk youth groups who are certified Green Jobs and want to use vacant empty lots this summer for them to create jobs with "Obama Community Gardens" inspired by the First Lady and President Obama's commitment to community gardens and green jobs, We can ut over 1,000 young people to work this summer and away from negative elements with these community gardens.
Rev. Jackson stated that with gun violence plaguing the city of Chicago and city officials debating the issue of calling on the National Guard to rectify the problem, Rev. Jackson and local ministers, organizers and community residents convened family members, friends and community leaders at Cole Park Wednesday afternoon in search of answers, comfort and solutions.

We need to revive the ban on assault weapons, which was a campaign promise made by President Obama," Rev. Jackson said. "We need targeted jobs and job training in the areas of high unemployment. We need to open up the unions to trade-skill training to help the unemployed get jobs in the trade and construction industry. And we need to create adult supervised recreation centers dealing with athletics, the arts and music."

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition has continued to call for the passage of gun legislation pending in Springfield and Washington that could immediately make America's streets safer.

"If we can stop the violence in Chicago, we can change the rest of the world," he said. "We must end war at home, and stop weapons of mass destruction."

Personal Note: I want to thank all of the residents who came to make comments about how they were glad to see me standing together in direct action alongside Rev. Jackson, and you can expect to see more of us back together as I do plan to return home to the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition where I grew up as a youth in Breadbasket, served as a Youth Director in PUSH Excel, an Interim Chief of Staff, Field Director and Broadcast announcer. It was clear to me today that people at the grassroots level was inspired by the site of Rev. Jackson and I together, as well as the local community leaders and elected officials. We must do more to work together on common agenda items that will reach the least of our people in Black, brown and other urban communities.
Todays meeting is also in sync with the 12 Mont6h National Action Plan being promoted by Rev. Al Sharpton and The National Action Network where Rev. Jackson has been a partcipant, and we are indeed proposeing to the Mayor, Governor and others, specific agenda items where we can publicly measure the return to our grassroots communities.
I will also post a later listing of all the participants so our community can SEE the collective leadership represented. Time for direct action.


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  • Just Passing

  • The most irrelevant people in Chicago show up to declare a state of emergency. Not one of them will protest in front of a gang leaders home or on corners where drugs are sold. Not one of them demand the gang leaders and drug dealers disband and leave. Not one of them demand the media to harass the dealers and the gang leaders.

    I bet all of them take money from the gangs and drug dealers.

  • Middleclassguy -- As a living witness as one who has been beat, shot and family threatened for doing ALL those things that you just stated should be done, I think that it is unfortunate that you are not involved with us for you would SEE the things that you evidentally miss when all you depend on is what the major media shows you. But thank you for your opinion.

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