Former 3rd Ward Chicago Alderman Dorothy Tillman Calls For Change In Leadership At Chicago Police Department


"What do the former City Council colleagues of Dorothy Tillman thinkmof her recent analysis of The Chicago Police Department and its leadership and management structure?"

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Tillman Calls for Change of Leadership at the Chicago Police Department

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Tillman Calls for Change of Leadership at the Chicago Police Department

Chicago, IL Former Alderman Dorothy Wright Tillman says Black leadership is abdicating its responsibility by calling for the National Guards. To give the impression that the majority of our community is engaged in crimes and killings is incorrect and to turn our community into a police state is irresponsible.

The Chicago Police Department is the principal law enforcement agency in the City of Chicago under the direct jurisdiction of the mayor. The Chicago Police department is led by all white males that collectively has little police experience and no connection to our community.

* Superintendent Jody Weis is a former FBI agent.

* Chief of Staff Mike Masters is an attorney from the Justice Department and former assistant to the mayor for Public Safety.

* Bureau of Patrol Deputy Superintendent Daniel Dugan is responsible for the Command Force and Patrol.

* Bureau of Investigative Services Deputy Superintendent Steve Peterson is responsible Gang Enforcement, Organized Crime, Narcotics, Detective Division and other services.

* Bureau of Professional Standards Deputy Superintendent Pete Brust is responsible for Education and Training, Internal Affairs, Inspection, the Office of Management Accountability and other services.

* Bureau of Administrative Service Deputy Superintendent Theodore O'Keefe is responsible for the Finance, Human Resources and other services.

* 200 Lieutenants 20 or less are Black.

* 1300 Sergeants 200 or less are Black.

* Blacks are also under-represented in the ranks of Detective and Captain.

We call on the City Council to:

* Have public hearings to find out why the leadership of the Chicago Police Department is ineffective.
* To find and release resources for jobs and summer activities for our youth.
* To fully fund the CAPS program.

We call on our State Representatives to:

* Reject the call for National Guards in our community

* To find complete funding for these "Factories of Failure" called the Chicago Public Schools.
* To find and release funding for jobs and summer activities for our youth who have one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.



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  • Who she calling, James Meeks? Changesa are needed, but not at the top

  • @ Brian -- Middle Managers at the local level cannot change themelves, but only from the top. Former Chief Dana Starks has a much better rapport and assigned people differently at the grassroots level WHEN CRIME WAS DOWN and Weis dismantled all of that with his own plan and CRIME IS UP.!

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