70's-80's R&B/Funk/Soul Group SLAVE Does Old School Concert Saturday, May 8th on Chicago's Southside

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The popular 70's-80's R&B/Funk Group SLAVE will be doing and old school concert at 6:00 PM on Chicago's Southside at the new grand ballroom of the new Gentle Persuasions Banquet Hall and Entertainmnet Center, located at 8959 South Ashland.  Tickets only $20.00 and two adjacent lots for parking!!
Its good to be a part of helping promote good entertainment and affordable at a new Southside Entertainment complex like Gentle Persuasions.
bio from their Facebook Fan Site
Their three largest hits were Slide, Just a Touch of Love and Watching You!

All three were anthems that helped create the bedrock of the Jazz Funk and Soul movement from the mid 70's to the mid.80's

They were formed in Dayton, Ohio, in 1975 by Steve Washington and Mark (Drac) Hicks. Many of the Members listed nicknames on their Albums, with Steve Washington the original "Fearless Leader". He certainly was the leading light in forming the band. Mark Adams who led the band after Washington left was nicknamed the "Hansolor"

Like many other bands of the time They had a huge list of band members.
Slave's other Original members included:

Mark Adams, Danny Webster, Floyd "The Brother Slide" Miller, Tim Dozier, Tom Lockett Jr, Carter Bradley, Orion Wilholite, and Wayne Foote,

They were later joined by Charles Carter, William Carter, and Ray Turner,

They were later joined in 1978 by
Steve (The Invade) Arrington (who became lead vocalist), Starlena Young, and Curt Jones.

When Washington, Young, Jones, and Lockett left in 1981 they in turn were replaced by, Sam "The Rapster" Carter, Delbert "The Big D" Taylor, Kevin "Monk Eye" Johnson , and Roger "The Dodger" Parker.

Steve Arrington then left in 1982 to setup The Hall of Fame Project.
As well as Steve Arringtons Hall of Fame, Aurra, Deja, and Young and Company, had a significant crossover of band Members, hence the similarity to the Slave sound.

Slave toured both in the US and Europe, as well as other parts of the world, throughout the 80's
They appeared in Europe in '82, '83, and '85.

Below is a list of Original Albums and Key Tracks.

Year Album: Key Track (s)

1977 Slave (First Album on Cotillion): Slide,
1977 The Hardness of the World: The Party Song,
1978 The Concept: Stellar Fungk,
1979 Just a Touch of Love: Just A Touch of Love,
1980 Stone Jam: Watching You,
1981 Show Time: Snap Shot, Wait For Me, Steal your Heart,
1982 Visions of the Lite: I'll Be Gone,
1983 Bad Enuff: Steppin Out,
1984 New Plateau
1985 Unchained At Last (First Album on Ichiban)
1987 Make Believe
1988 Slave 88
1991 Rebirth
1992 Funk Strikes Back
1994 Stellar Fungk - The Best Of Slave
1995 Masters of The Fungk

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