Veteran Activist Mark Allen Blasts Mayor Daley and Rahm Emanuel as Not Caring About Black and Poor People for They Fail to Acknowledge Community Recommendations On How To Stop Summer Violence, But CNN Did Today !

Starting this morning on CNN, I was interviewed along with State Representative LaShawn K. Ford with regard to the debate over whether or not The National Guard was the answer to reducing Chicago crime this summer, and I challenged Mayor Daley on CNN how he was absolutely wrong about his declaration that GUNS was the number one issue facing the Black community this summer when it is NOT !!! On the CNN broadcast, I clearly stated that the number one issue facing Black and poor communities in Chicago is the desperate economic situations that has forced far too many of Chicago's poor to become involved in the gang, drug, and illegal street economies, even though it continually results in a rise in violence, shootings, and death.

I challenged the Mayor to PLEASE hear the words that come DIRECTLY from those who are current participants in these life threatening environments as well as those who are at risk from being drawn into these illegal environments this summer for they have NO OTHER legal resources to financially provide for themselves and their families and are BEGGING for an economic solution to their desperate economic conditions. But Chicago Mayor Daley and today being joined by Rahm Emanuel is discussing how to address resolving these desperate economic situations without any regard from the words that are coming directly from those at risk of being killed or hurting other innocent people this summer. The current Chicago Mayor and one who wants to succeed him as Chicago Mayor like Rahm Emanuel who show that they dont really care about what grassroots Black people think about solutions THEY have identified as resolutions.

Mayor Daley and Rahm Emanuel don't care about saving the lives of Black and poor people when they openly ignore the desperate appeals for innovative ways to bring new legal jobs opportunities to them this summer, so the Mayor and Emanuel are just preparing to wait for the weather to break, the tensions to rise, and then preside over another Chicago violent bloodbath.!! Even Congressman Bobby Rush who has his ears on the ground issues a major press release today calling for our state and federal funding NOT to be used on The National Guard or any more law enforcement, BUT to used to create more local legal jobs and The Mayor and Emanuel just move on with the desperate appeals from grassroots people continually being ignored as if NOBODY is speaking up!

Also joining the chorus from the grassroots community was over 50 religious leaders, grassroots leaders, activists, and family members of victims of violence led by Father Michael Pfleger, Wallace "Gator" Bradley, Ronald Holt, William "Dock" Walls, Peace In The Hood, CeaseFire, and so many others outside of Julian High School where THEY TOO joined the call against the National Guard, but local job creation and the Mayor refuses, along with Emanuel to acknowledge all these desperate public calls from the people who are closest to the participants and those at most risk of risking their lives this summer for not enough legal job opportunities.

WHY does the Mayor make these public statements about wanting solutions, but publicly ignores the public appeal for solutions that are not authored by him, or based on the premise that he wants. Chicago already has experienced an increase in police deployment while still becoming The Murder Capital of The World which is proof that adding law enforcement alone has not and cannot overcome the emergency economic environments Black and poor communities face.

Why don't Mayor Daley and Rahm Emanuel seek to meet with those at the grassroots level and at least "hear" what others who are "on the ground" have identified as solutions to summer violence or maybe Daley and Emanuel just dont care enough about saving the lives of Black and poor people this summer?

We have solid recommendations for Mayor Daley, Rahm Emanuel and others with influence and resources for how to bring Peace In The Hood, but why dont the Mayor, Emanuel want to listen? Is THIS how Rahm Emanuel plans to win Black grassroots votes? Guess he is following the lead of Mayor Daley.

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