After Tavis Smiley "Talked," Rev. Al Sharpton Hosts "Follow-Up" With 12 Month National Action Plan

Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network is hosting their 2010 Annual National Convention in New York from April 14th-17th and has been designed to be a "working" convention with daily interaction with a cross section of leaders from local grassroots organizations to business, religious, civic, entertainment, and key Cabinet members and other officials from The White House, for the development of a "specific" and "measurable" action plan for collective accountability that will bring real results the Black and Urban communities can actively and systemtically "see" themselves in. In addition to the leadership, the convention will feature the interaction and participation of thousands or ordinary citizens ready to see an implementaion plan the finally brings real resources to the least of our people.

I am personally humbled that Rev. Sharpton has asked me to be on of the national community organizers to work on the details of how to make this 12 Month Action Plan on that truly engages this diverse level of leadership directly to the grassroots leadership with the "hands on" abilities to keep ordinary citizens in local communities engaged in the process.

There were over 3,000 people who attended the Tavis Smiley Black Agenda Summit in Chicago with many people asking the question of "Where Were The Actual Contituents,?" leaders and groups represented, and even more questions of "Where Is The Follow-Up," so Rev. Sharpton's National Action Network Conference and 12 Month National Action Plan is certainly going to be under the worlds and political pundits as well as grassroots and underserved urban communities radars as whether or not this plan will bring the results that these communities have longed for from inititiatives from Civil Right's leadership.

During the Tavis Smiley Chicago Summit, questions were raised about the number of concerns requiring responses from White House officlals yet there were no officials from President Obama and the White House administration, but thats not the case at Sharpton's Summit of leaders and National Action Plan, for Cabinet members and White House officials will be present throughout the Conference and working with Rev. Sharpton and the other national leadership throughout this 12 Month Action Plan.

As one of the national grassroots organizers, my challenge is to the thousands of people participating this week in NY, the hundreds of national community organozers, and most of all, to Millions of people who may tune in to watch from across the country, this 12 Month National Plan nor its a leadership or agenda is going to work without the participation and power of the people!! From my home city of Chicago, the 3,000 people who cheered the need for a Black/Urban Agenda at The Tavis event in CHiocago now must accept the challenge to prove that 3,000 people did more than have Tavis convene an event of just "talk," and now are prepared to get involved in the direct action to follow from The National Action Network Conference and 12 Month National Action Plan, for Chicago will be key in the local and national organizing and implementation.

Mark S. Allen, Associate Editor, The South Street Journal Newspaper; Board Member, The Chicago Black Wall Street Project; Founder, The Black Leadership Development Institute, BLDI 449 East 35th Street, 1st Floor, Chicago Illinois 60616 312-624-8351, 773-392-0165


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APRIL 17, 2010 - 11-2 P.M. 

Please join National Action Network's Measuring the Movement: Black Leadership's 12-Month Action Plan featuring Black leaders of constituencies across the country who will assess where we are and what they and their respective organizations will pledge to do over a 12-month time-frame to further critical issues impacting people of color including, but not limited to, education reform, unemployment, health care and more. The collective will discuss the real problems and how we will not only hold the President and Administration of the United States accountable, but how we will hold ourselves accountable and tangibly measure our movement over a 12-month period to enact change.

Tom Joyner - The Tom Joyner Morning Show
Roland Martin - Analyst TV One

Co- Hosts:
Boyce Watkins- Assistant Professor of Finance, Syracuse University
Warren Ballentine - "The Warren Ballentine Show"

Featured Panelists:
Reverend Al Sharpton - President, National Action Network
Marc Morial- CEO, National Urban League
Dr. Charles Ogletree- Professor, Harvard Law School
Dr. Elsie Scott- President and CEO, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF)
Jeff Johnson- BET Personality/ Political Motivator
Ben Jealous- President &CEO, NAACP
Chuck D- Recording Artist
Angela Sailor-Coalitions Director, Republican National Committee
Others will be added


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