SNL Hires MORE Chicagoans!

Some leave and some get hired...



With the recent hires of Shelly Gossman and Thomas Flanigan, SNL seemed to be on a Chicago hiring spree! And then with yesterday's announcement that long-tenured SNL performer Will Forte was leaving, the big question was what does that mean for the Chicagoans who recently met with Lorne Michaels?

Well, it means TWO OF THEM got hired! This 36th season of Saturday Night Live will see Chicago improv veterans Paul Brittain and Vanessa Bayer join as featured players.


Both have been around for years and were currently performing long-running shows (Jim Paul Jet Paul, and Felt, respectively) at the iO Theater as well as taking part in various touring company stints for the Second City.

As a disclaimer, I am Paul's coach for the iO Team, Mike Helicopter, and Vanessa plays for the iO Team Revolver. Vanessa also performs with Swear Jar at the Annoyance Theatre.

Congratulatons to two wonderful friends, two great performers, and two all-round-nice people! Yay!


Programming Note: I will be on Chicago Now radio, tomorrow (Saturday, August 27th @ 8:30am)! 

Next week: What does this mean for Chicago improv?

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Paul was on Chicago's very own Sports Action Team as "Marcus" a style consultant:



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  • Congrats! Great coaching job!
    (P.s. -- Wendy and I really enjoy the Whirled News show. Thanks!)

  • When it comes to Improv, it is not even a contest. Chicago has by far the most talent in that particular brand of comedy. Those who enjoy good improv need to see "T.J. And Dave" (David Pasquesi and T.J. Jagodowski) at the I.O. Brilliant stuff!!

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