Scott Adsit is the Man

He's famous now, but even before he was, he was one of Chicago's greatest improvisers. He's Scott Adsit.


I was lucky enough to move to Chicago in 1994, just when Scott began his work on the Second City Mainstage with "Old Wine in New Bottles." It was an archive show, but the improv sets were creating the legendary show, "Pinata Full of Bees" and I watched every single scene like a starving man devours a roast chicken. Later, I would be lucky enough to be the Assistant to the Director (Jeff Richmond) when Scott, Rachel Dratch, Kevin Dorff, Rachel Hamilton, Jim Zulevic and Stephnie Weir were creating the mainstage show, "Promisekeepers, Losers, Weepers."

Anyway, Scott is the co-creator of the Adult Swim comedy, "Morel Oral" and is Pete Hornberger on the hit show "30 Rock." The Chicago Tribune has a great article on him RIGHT HERE.  Check it out!

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