Clash of the Titans vs. Faith in Gods

Clash of the Titans in the 80s still worshiped the Gods. The Clash of the Titans that was released this weekend rejects them totally.


The original "Clash" had the goddess Thetis (played by Maggie Smith, who would later portray Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter movies) place obstacles and monsters in the path of noble Perseus. Zeus and the other gods help him out with blessings and magic gear (helmets, swords, shields.. that sort of thing.) But even after facing giant scorpions and the Medusa, Perseus and his friends thank the gods and worship them. And the relationship is reciprocal as well; Zeus is proud of his son, Perseus, and helps him in his quest to defeat the Kraken.

This new "Clash" has all of mankind rebelling against the gods. Perseus rejects them and even claims to not need their help. The gods torture and plague humanity and in return their temples are destroyed and their statues toppled. Even Zeus, who is said to "love humanity too much" is never shown to demonstrate any charitable acts (I mean, he magic-rapes Perseus's mom!) except to his own son.

So, why did the writers of 1979 embrace faith and religion while the writers of 2009 reject them so totally? Were the 70s more religious than now? At the end of the 2010 "Clash" Perseus doesn't reconcile his faith... he achieves a sort of rapprochement with his father, but not his god(s). Hades (played by Ralph Fiennes, who also plays the evil Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies) tells Zeus that humans don't respond to love, they only respond to fear and throughout the movie the only god who interacts with humans is, indeed, Hades.

Personally, I attend no services, though I have faith. Is my faith anthropomorphized? Not really, but my own personal religion has served me well in times of joy and sorrow and I have been fortunate enough to participate in the ceremonies of many different faiths. When I was very young my mother gave me a copy of the Bible and a wonderful, colorful book called Childrens Stories of the Bible From The New Testament (I still have it!) but she also told me to learn about all the other religions and then I could choose my own later. I've always appreciated that wise action.


I have no grand theory or motives herein. I noticed the philosophical divide between the two movies and it puzzled me. Some other things I noticed:

  • the Kraken is not from Greek mythology. It's Scandinavian.
  • there's more nudity in the original Clash
  • Clash 2010 shows a bunch of gods but only Zeus and Hades (the two most expensive gods) really talk (Poseidon and Apollo each have one line.)
  • in the new Clash, Perseus has, pretty much, a lightsaber.
  • The Clash's song London Calling is ranked #64 on VH1's Greatest Rock Songs Ever
  • for some reason, Zeus and Apollo are wearing European medieval armor

My friend Brett Lyons said his pun movie review would be, "This weekend, Warner Brothers released the Krappen."


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  • Just saw the film last night and they audience was out loud laughing at it and groaning at the dialogue. It will be a camp classic.

  • In reply to MarcFelion:

    I almost forgive the 70s version for its campiness... but I feel like the 2010 should know better for some reason.. I imagine years from now, our kids will be shaking their heads at the lame special effects.

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