Merry Prankmas!


(Molly Hall and our victim, Louie Saunders)

If you improvise with someone, trust is an important part of your relationship. Louie Saunders is a trusting soul.

Louie Saunders is an improviser in Chicago. He plays at iO and the Playground and with the group, Pudding Thank You, at the American Theater Company. He has a great job that recently sent him out of town for a few days.

Trusting soul he, Louie left his keys with his friend Adal Rifai and his girlfriend, Molly Hall. One day, Adal mentioned that we (Louie's improv friends) should prank his apartment.

One of the first ideas was to fill it with balloons since Louie is terrified of balloons for some reason (actually, that's a pretty common fear, believe it or not.) But, with Brett Lyons, Adal decided to giftwrap Louie's entire apartment (Brett didn't do any wrapping though.)

Adal opened up Louie's apartment last Saturday and about a dozen improvisers dropped by to help wrap up the apartment and everything inside it! Here's the video that Adal took of the finished product:
Then, the next day, Louie came home and Molly videotaped his reaction. I think he sounds subdued because he's a little creeped out. I know I would be.

I think this month will be remembered as the first shot in the great prank wars. I eagerly await Louie's retaliation strike. Merry Prankmas!


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  • What was the song playing in the video, and who performed it, please. Very nice.

  • In reply to FinancialGuy:

    The song is "It's Christmas Everywhere" by Chris Dahrouge. Very nice.

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