15 Worst Shoppers You'll Meet On Black Friday

The old poker saying adapts to crowded malls; if you can't spot the sucker/jerk at the table/store, it might be you! Here are just 15 of the types you'll see on Black Friday!

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  • Jason, can't there be an option for a mob of stormtroopers reaching their hands out for flat screen tv's while sipping juice boxes? I'm in that category.

  • In reply to jplangen:

    Nobody worse than this beotch = http://bit.ly/74nZut

  • In reply to jplangen:

    I admit it. I used to be "The Bargaineer" and "The Collector" (why I have multiple Wii's .. anyone want one?) haha. Now, I'm more of an Announcer & Browser. Perfect example - http://bit.ly/65Tyg has the scoop on emailed Black Friday exclusives.

    And if that's not enough.. they're giving away iPhones too (I entered twice :D)

  • All I got say that if you know what you are up against its best to be prepared and cautious of what going on around you so you dont get trampeded and ran over or hurt in other ways i mean trying to get those holiday deals might not be worth all that.p.s be safe and try to look out for your fellow shoppers.

  • those trampling accidents can be chalked up to our old friend 'natural selection'

  • In reply to joemccusty:

    Haa! That made me laugh out loud.

  • also i would have liked to see that picture for 'the gosselins' form a slightly better angle!

  • I compiled this page earlier in the year.. I wonder how many people actually train?? Putting this together I nearly convinced myself to try it out for the sheer adventure, camaraderie and adrenaline rush.


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