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We are not here by accident, we are here by chance

Accident has a negative connotation of unfortunate and damaging. When a child doesn’t get to the bathroom fast enough, he or she has an accident. When we spill food, that’s an accident. People getting hurt or killed in an automobile collision, that’s an accident. The truth is that we are not here by an overarching... Read more »

James Kirk Wall responds to Ray Comfort’s faith attack on science

It’s not difficult to defeat a creationist in argumentation who claims that their position is founded on science and reason. You don’t need to be a scientist or get into the weeds of DNA. All you need is to remember are the basic fundamentals of biology that you likely learned in 5th grade, but might... Read more »

Lightning God murdered by science. Who’s next?

It used to be thought that when a terrible lightning storm caused wreckage and fires to towns that it was the result of an angry god. God is pissed off and he’s going to shove a lightning bolt right down your throat. Why is he pissed? Might be because of something someone did thousands of... Read more »

Creationism forced on students in Louisiana

Activist Zack Kopplin and Senator Karen Carter Peterson lost a third bid to repeal the so called Louisiana’s Science Education Act. This misguided law that should have been repealed allows mentally unqualified science teachers to “supplement” evolution with creationism. Under that logic Mother Goose should be used to supplement U.S. History and Harry Potter should... Read more »

Blame Genesis, not Plato, for delays in evolutionary science

When fellow biologists read Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species in the 19th century, some outspokenly questioned why they didn’t think of it themselves. The evidence was all around them, especially in human guided breeding of animals such as pigeons and dogs. So why was something so obvious not discovered and well defined centuries if not... Read more »

James Kirk Wall responds to Intelligent Design and NDE argument for faith

First I would like to thank Rajiv Sobhee for his willingness to engage and publicize this discussion. Rajiv represents many people who believe in a greater intelligence but don’t subscribe to Christianity or any organized religion. In his essay Mr. Sobhee uses the classic complexity argument for design, has a brief blurb on quantum physics,... Read more »

Agnostic theist uses ID,Quantum Physics and NDE to justify the rational of faith using scientific evidence.

A gentleman by the name of Rajiv Sobhee started a dialog on my Facebook page regarding his beliefs that science points to a greater intelligence. I asked him to put together an essay which is posted below. I will reply to this argument next week. -James Kirk Wall Rajiv’s Intro: Excelling brilliantly at school, science... Read more »

When we can live to be 200 years old

Stem Cells Could Extend Human Life by Over 100 Years Source: Imagine living to be 200. Does the thought excite? How many wouldn’t opt for this extension of existence? But what would be the downside, such as possible economic and environmental impacts? Would it be good or bad for our society? If the technology... Read more »

“Lack of belief” blurs the line between atheist and agnostic

When Thomas Huxley created the term agnostic, he considered atheist to mean anti-theological “gnosis” while the religious side was theological “gnosis”. Agnosticism was meant to be anti-dogmatism more than anything else. Huxley was not agnostic regarding the Bible which he criticized heavily, nor was he agnostic regarding the evolutionary work of his dear friend Charles... Read more »

Evolutionist James Kirk Wall responds to young earth creationist Randy Ruggles

First I would like to begin by thanking Randy for his formal response. Argumentation is a necessary process for finding truth. In the very serious business of deciding verdicts in our court system, we use both the Socratic Method and the scientific method. Although not a perfect process as dishonesty, incompetence or corruption can cause... Read more »