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Thor kicked in crotch. Now a woman.

Many are outraged at Marvel’s decision to make Thor a woman. As the story goes, Thor engages in a particularly brutal battle with a supervillain. None other than Ray Finkle who escaped prison for kidnapping Dan Marino and gained super powers through a radioactive frog bite. With the laces out, Thor receives a massive kick... Read more »

Republicans Pleading for Atheist Vote

In a startling turn of events, Republican presidential candidates are now catering to the rapidly growing atheist vote to achieve victory in November. The muddied and bruised Presidential contenders desperate to beat Obama are pulling out all the stops. Newt Gingrich recently stated that he was just kidding about a trust issue with people who... Read more »

If only God was married

Wife: Don’t put it there! God: Why not? Wife: You said that you didn’t want them to eat from it. God: I told them not to. Wife: But you know they’ll do it anyway. God: Yes Wife: Go put it on the other side of the planet. God: Yes dear Wife: What are you making?... Read more »