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James Kirk Wall replies after being called out by Glenn Beck

What is a human right? How is a universal freedom defined? How is it enforced? These questions have been discussed and debated for thousands of years. They are among the most important questions of our existence and the discussions must continue. Even though I strongly disagree with Glenn Beck on the origin of rights, I... Read more »

Glenn Beck strikes back at James Kirk Wall over Rights

On his radio program Glenn Beck countered an article I wrote titled, Dear Glenn Beck, human rights do not come from god. His rebuttal included: • Rights are from god, laws are from man • The idea that rights come from god comes from the Founding Fathers and as far back as Moses • Atheist... Read more »

Gays – Married in America, murdered in Iraq

The difference between good and evil isn’t always a grey area. Sometimes it’s easy to understand what side to fight for. We often associate Adolf Hitler as the greatest representation of evil; someone responsible for extreme hatred, intolerance and murder. That is a clear black and white definition. The opposite would be someone capable of... Read more »